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New Milestone
  1. Web app feedback form
    As of a couple of days ago, feature.cat also supports integration with web apps. Simply add the JS SDK and a couple lines of code to your app and you'
  2. First ever post on my new job board 🕺
    Today Part Time Tech Jobs got its first ever organic post! Here it is: https://pallet.xyz/list/part-time-tech-jobs/jobs/fd9542b0-01b1-47f6-af10-61df58
  3. Crossed 1k$ in client service revenue
    After months of doing sales and marketing I managed to get 3 paying clients and landed a total of a little over 1k$. My main acquisition channel is Li
  4. It's LIVE!
    After the past few months we've been iterating to get things working behind the hood collaborating with Shopify on multiple fronts. Extremely excited
  5. Top 10 on Product Hunt
    HackerPen finished the launch day as a top 10 product of the day, with 101 votes! I'm excited about the milestone and there's more to do! One takeaway
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