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New Milestone
  1. New domain name $$$
    Against my better judgement, as I've not launched and zero customers, I decided on changing the product name from 'GitShipper' to 'GitShip' with my bi
  2. Fiverr - What a service!
    Recently, we used Fiverr to get some design amendments to our website. It was minor graphic design work but it was very important that we got exactly
  3. New template: job portal
    This week, we spent all the time in development. A new template(job portal) went live this week, users can now create job portal using Google Sheets v
  4. 🔥 1M app downloads for AnExplorer
    *New Milestone Unlocked* AnExplorer crossed 1M downloads today, this is my first microstartup and it's been an amazing journey. Thanks to everyone who
  5. I've overcame my perfectionism
    Today: I was conflicted between starting with a great UI or shipping something subpar and iterate later. I've realized that I could ship something I f
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