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Looking for Swift/Flutter Developer! Redefining Communication 1d Train Jiu-Jitsu? Looking for a co-founder. 3d Looking for backlinks 4d Looking for a salesperson for our startup studio 5d Looking for a peer group of haven't-quit-the-day-job-yet entrepreneurs 9d Looking for SaaS marketer for already running SaaSes 10d Looking for a React Native Dev Cofounder 10d LOOKING FOR A MARKETING CO-FOUNDERs 11d Looking for a Marketing Cofounder to Join My Investing SaaS 12d Senior Growth Marketer Looking for Tech Co-Founder 15d Looking for marketing cofounder 15d Seeking Team Members for NSF I-Corps 22d Looking for newsletters to cross-promote with? 22d Seeking a CTO co-founder to build a travel super app 23d Looking for a co-founder with a pain point that needs solving 24d Seeking Passionate Co-Founders for a Remote-First Venture! 1m Looking for a Marketing Genius for SaaS 1m Looking for a marketing partner for Quick Creator 1m Looking for marketers/bloggers 1m Global Growth Consultant Looking For Tech Co-Founder/ New Projects 1m Looking for a partner with experience in LLMs 1m Looking For Sales Manager In Software Development 1m Looking for a Co-founder, Marketer, and SEO for CosmosDL 1m Looking for Co Founder to help work on SAAS boilerplate 1m Need someone to do sales on commission basis 1m Looking for a Chrome extension developer 1m Looking for co-founder! LTDEscrow 1m Seeking Mentor for AI Gift App - Offering Equity 1m Looking for Marketing-focused cofounder for photo sharing app 1m Looking for a partner for crazy short-term projects 1m Looking for marketing co-founder 1m Looking for someone who can help with guest posting for my product 1m ✨ Profitable prop tech startup looking for CTO 🚀 1m Looking for a tech partner for our (revenue generating) LATAM Start-up 1m Looking for Tech Co-founder(s) 2m Looking for a marketing ninja 2m Technical Cofounder(s) for Bartering Application Needed 2m Looking for a partner with Dev background 2m Looking for Co-founder 2m Networked product looking for help going from MVP --> MMP 2m Looking for a marketing/community-lead cofounder for web3 projects 2m