15 years experience shipping software seeking co-founder with ideas.

Hi, I've been shipping software for 15 years as a developer, PO, PM and Director.

I can execute on an idea or vision but have issues coming up with those on my own.

If you are interested in partnering up let me know.

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    @lushdogg Pleasure to meet you :) I've been looking for support in pivoting a technical solution for LED lighting compliance into a cloud storage order processing tool for distributors. You can see the assets at LEDCompliant.com. Just need some DB syncing and user authentication and we can begin iterating based on UX feedback. I am the sales & marketing guy ;)

    Let me know: Joseph@adilettante.com

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      Joseph I looked at that site. Not sure what I’m looking at there. More do text maybe?

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        Certainly. It is a data form for when quotations specialists ordering lighting products can enter in all the columnated order code options and have the software automatically generate the possible configurations for them to extract/export. I am in need of support for implementing the macro on the backend which generates the order codes. I can give you some examples from lighting products if you need.

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      None of the ones I work on at work would make sense in startup context I don’t think :)
      That being said I’m really enjoying playing with Netlify and excited about how it could accelerate going from 0 to “good enough” for a lot of use cases.

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    Hey, ML engineer here. I'm working on a product full time, would love to have a chat and learn from you.

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      How do I contact you?

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    Hey @lushdogg, UI/UX Designer & Developer here with more ideas than time to build them. Let's chat!

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      Can we do this on this site or do we do it via email or something?

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        No DMs on IH yet. Looks like my public email wasn’t set on my profile. All good now. Shoot me a message when you’re ready.

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