2 Directory Sites Earning $10,000+ Per Month

Apparently, two of my projects have been featured on "eBiz Facts". That was a good way to start the day.

Note: the calculations on that post are a bit off. The current price is $130/month; however, I haven't changed the price for existing customers.

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    Congratulations on your achievement of having two directory sites earning over $10,000 per month! It's truly remarkable to see your hard work and dedication paying off. Your success serves as an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs out there. Keep up the excellent work and continue reaching new heights. Wishing you continued prosperity and even greater achievements in the future!

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    Congrats on the success!!

    I read through the article, and I’m wondering if they were they right that the IH post convinced you to stop sharing financials? Interesting, because it seems to be baked into the culture here (even as a first-class feature for listed products).

    Also, I’ve noticed a couple directory sites cropping up, but I don’t totally understand it… how are these monetized? I understand product owners can pay to be featured, but presumably they’d want a sense of projected volume before investing?

    Also, if you don’t mind me asking, have you seen more success from ads on the open source directory or from featured products on the Saas directory?

    I’m currently building an eCommerce brand and I’m just curious. Thank you and congrats again

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      Well, I had stopped sharing the very specifics irrelevantly to the IH post. That was a test, in the first place, that wasn't working very well for me. It seems to work very well for others (e.g. levels). In general, I don't believe that sharing that kind of stats is helpful for the success of my projects.

      The "ads" sold on SaaSHub and LibHunt are very different. SaaSHub is much more affordable and is subscription based. LibHunt relies on bigger, one off, sponsorships that are more expensive and have more impact.

      I hope this helps.

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        Thanks that was really helpful. I wonder at what level sharing revenue becomes an issue, but for now I think I’ll continue doing so. Best of luck on your endeavors =)

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    Interesting...Making $10,000+ Per Month from 2 Directory Sites.

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    Congrats on making it work. It's definitely not easy to make a directory site success and be profitable. You've done a great job!

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    I like your newsletter format. what email-sending tools do you use?

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    Congratulations on your current projects. It's always nice, seeing such "simple" projects taking off. Since you seem like the right guy to ask: how to grow and market directories?

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    Inspiring! I also run a directory website (https://favird.com). Still in the early stage, but grow steadily. Thanks for sharing.

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