26 actionable marketing tasks you can do right now

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    So much great information in a single post. Thank you for sharing.

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    So many useful tips to implement in practice. Thanks!

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    Like the startup directory! Neat one.

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      Glad you like it :)

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      Thanks, glad you like it!

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    You should list up bannernote as point number 27 :)

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      But overall good overview! You should go in depth for some points

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        Thanks! I will probably go into depth on the single list points in separate posts. Did you have a specific one in mind to elaborate on? I was thinking about a building in public post

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      Thanks for the reply! Haven't heard about bannernote before, will look into it 🚀

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    will definitely use some tips. thanks for sharing!

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      You are welcome. Good luck!

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    Thanks, it's very helpful for me.

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    Loved these points here, we are super passionate about creating side projects. We have a lot of projects around our main product. Point number 12 was brilliant.

    All our side projects are here https://fueler.io/side-hustle

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