3 best social media monitoring tools for startups

Posting may be a significant way of increasing brand awareness but keeping an eye on what people say about you and responding appropriately is important too. Social media monitoring tools streamline communication with an online audience since you can respond to their reactions in

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    I haven't used any of these, but we use Syften which posts brand mentions directly to a Slack channel.

    It's incredibly effective and low effort. I'm not convinced most of these tools are necessary for early-stage startups.

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    I'm building a more niche version of this and am launching either this week or next week. Hopefully I'll be on this list one day!

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    It's crazy, every time I see one of these posts it's a list of shiny new tools I've never seen before. Thanks!

    OP: Which one do you use?

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      Great, its nice to hear your feedback. I used https://awario.com/

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    Hey! Thanks for sharing.

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