$35k MRR startup - looking for a growth / marketing co-founder

I'm an experienced founder with a number of exits under my belt (ranging from $100k to 7 figures). In the past I've always been a solo-founder but I think if I'm honest, this has held me back as I’m a product / vision guy at heart.

I'd love to find someone with a real passion (and ability) for growth / marketing to join me as a co-founder at HeySummit (https://heysummit.com).

HeySummit is an all-in-one virtual event platform that makes it easy to host, promote, and sell your event.

The platform and tech is solid and we have $35k+ in MRR.

I have big plans for 2023 in terms of where I think we can take the product. But I can't do this alone (or if I can, it will be too slow and not as fun!).

If you love nothing more than digging your teeth into marketing strategies and all things growth, then I’d love to chat!

Bonus points if you’re based in the UK.

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    Hey Benjamin, what is your email?

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      Hey Craig. You can reach me via ben a t heysummit.com

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    Looks like a very cool opportunity!

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    My name is Aishik Dutta and I am writing to formally introduce myself and express my interest in joining as a co-founder in your emerging startup

    Please let me know if there is a convenient time for us to discuss this opportunity further. I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about your plans for this startup.

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    I work with creators and have extensive experience (As well as partnerships) in the virtual event space. Solo ran a 6-figure consulting firm for a few years in the medical cannabis indusry. Now building digital products.

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      Hey Andrew, thanks for reaching out. Love the overlap with the creator and event space. But from a pure SaaS growth and marketing standpoint, is that a focus and role that excites you?

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    Hi Benjamin, great vision and praying for all the best for you .... I'm a marketer based in Uganda

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    Sounds interesting. Not particularly seeking to become a co-founder but happy to have a chat to see how I can help. It's a space I'm excited about, I'm based in the UK, have 10+ years marketing experience, ran a 6-figure consultancy for 4 years, currently working on my startup and can do this part-time. Email is jk at copystack.xyz

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      Thanks. Very much appreciate the reply. I am specifically looking for a co-founder at this stage though. If anything changes though, I'll reach out.

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        Totally understand. All the best!

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    Hi Benjamin,

    As an entrepreneur, I was running healthy food business in quick service format. Unfortunately, had to shut down post COVID due to financial challenges.

    I am first generation entrepreneur with end to end experience from strategic planning to execution and business optimization. Proficient in developing B2B and B2C relationship. Currently managing Brand Partnerships with all the F&B brands for India's leading video shopping marketplace.

    Here is my LinkedIn profile :- https://www.linkedin.com/in/ayush2saxena/

    Please let me when we can connect ?

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    Hi Banjamin,

    Awesome job on this! The copy on the website is very tight and communicates the value prop so well. Reaching out via dm.



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    Hey Benjamin - this is fantastic work! Well done! I'd be happy to explore options with you. Im a full-stack marketer and tech enthusiast, so we might just fit! Im not in the UK, but in the time zone, and have the passport - I just prefer sunshine :)

    Let's chat antmorr@gmail.com

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    Highly-targeted lookalike audience tactics here, if you're interested


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    Hi Ben,

    My name is Phillip, I'm a first year in college over on the East coast of the US. I've got hustle, and plenty of ideas for non-traditional ways to scale products. In a related sense, I used to run an NFT consulting gig with digitized tickets for online music artists and DJs and I still have contacts for some clients. Let's find a good time to get on a call soon.
    Email: phillip.y.fernandez@gmail.com
    Phone: 201-957-3102


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    Hi Benjamin! Just sent you a message in the Microconf Slack. :)

    Marketing strategy and execution makes me jump out of bed with delight! :D

    Would love to hear more about those big plans for 2023 and see if I could help (or point you towards someone who could). My email is sophia (at) ignorenomore.agency.

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      Thanks Sophia. Just replied over on the Microconf Slack :)

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    I can't wait to get out of bed because I love marketing strategy and execution! :D

    I'd love to learn more about those grand plans for 2023 and see if I can be of any assistance (or point you toward someone who could). Sophia (at) ignores no more. the agency is my email address. This work is outstanding! Good work! I'd be delighted to discuss possibilities with you. I'm a tech fanatic and a full-stack marketer, so we might fit! I have a passport, and am in the time zone, but I'm not in the UK; I just enjoy the sun.

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      I think ive just sent you an email. Can you confirm?

      Reason I'm asking is that your response here looks very similar to the one below (re:"not in the UK; I just enjoy the sun).

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        Hi @bendell the user above is most likely a bot. They just rephrased and merged two other comments in the thread

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          Ah got to love the bots!

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