4 essential growth marketing practices for preparing a successful exit

Whilst there are the usual (and important) considerations like the business model and financial model, brand equity, credit history, company structure, and other legalities, I share 4 essential growth marketing practices that can help with preparing a successful exit.

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      Hey @pavelz sorry for the delay! UTM = Urchin Tracking Module parameters. Just means that you can track your links in analytics, which helps with performance optimisation (know what's working, what's not). You can track things like 'source', 'medium', 'campaign', etc - Good site for building them - https://ga-dev-tools.web.app/campaign-url-builder/

      Also, you can easily build a programmatic google sheet where you can spit them out fast, which is super important to do if you're running quite a few campaigns, sharing content on various sites, etc. Fairly easy to set up. :)

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    Very helpful article Dan, thanks a lot for sharing.

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    Great article Dan , keep sharing the good knowledge

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      No worries glad you liked it! :)

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    Amazing work. Thanks for sharing!

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    Hey Dan, Great! Thanks for sharing.

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