🖐️5 Ways to market your business (without spending a penny)

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    Thanks, Ayush for sharing! We just started building in public as a team of two, mainly on LinkedIn and GitHub, and it's much more fun and less scary than I thought. 👍🏼

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      Awesome Ayla, you will find Twitter also to be a great channel for building in public...

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        I agree, especially in our market (analytics) we see a lot of great products built and discussed on Twitter. Tbh I don't know a lot about Twitter from a user's perspective and I feel like in Germany it isn't used that much compared to other countries. Do have any good resources on how to get started? Like what is special about the platform, the tone, the type of content that people like etc.? Thanks and cheers :)

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          There are many courses to get you up to speed (including mine :P ) but the best free resource is this 5 day email course from my friend @kevon


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    Very useful article. Thanks for sharing!

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    Awesome post! Very helpful. Thank you!

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    Great advice to help folks get started!

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    Save a click

    1. Building in Public
    2. Go to communities
    3. Collab with an influencer
    4. Submit to directories
    5. SEO
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    What an exciting piece of information, absolutely wonderful

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    Nice reminder about the essentials, thanks for sharing!

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      Yup! these are the basics..

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