6 Month SEO Plan 🚀

SEO can seem overwhelming and complicated, and although it can get a little technical sometimes, the truth is that a well-planned SEO strategy can be pretty straightforward.

To help with this, I want to share with you a simple strategic SEO plan for the next 6 months. You may see things that you won’t be able to do yourself, but I will give you some suggestions on how to make it happen.

Check out the full 6 month SEO plan at:

  1. 2

    This is a great starter plan Roberto!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. 2

    Thank you for sharing. I am going to try the steps you mentioned in Keyword Research for my blog.

  3. 2

    Thanks for the plan, very valuable. Now I just gotta start taking blogging more seriously 😆

    P.S. That cat DJ GIF is 🔥 😆

    1. 2

      Yeah, love that gif 😹

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