A lot of indie hackers confuse tweeting with marketing

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    I started with Twitter posts and realized most of my customers are on Reddit. In one post on Reddit, one day's worth of traffic & conversions surpassed a week's worth of Twitter posts.

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    If your customers are on Twitter, but otherwise you need to go where they go. Know your customer profile. For me, that means Twitter, but also LinkedIn and several practitioner watering holes, forums, specific subreddits etc. Your target customers may be different. Go where they go.

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    Consistency is key to winning at marketing. Whatever channel you are engaging on, consistency will help.

    But, just because one channel isn't working, don't twitch. Understand why it isn't working, then run tests to understand what type of content works best.

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    Worse yet, most indie hackers confuse Facebook ads with marketing. Probably even less effective and more resource intensive!

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