Already found <s>Looking for </s> a co-founder in Berlin!


For several years I've been thinking about a project that I didn't have the guts to start. The time has changed now.

I'm looking for a technical co-founder. Preferably with knowledge in Flutter or full stack skills for a PWA instead. I'm looking for a person who can think together with me.

What can I provide? Professionally, I have a background in strategy consulting, marketing management and B2C and B2B product management. By training, I am a mechanical engineer, but also studied full stack web development and data science.

About the project: review platform for the cosmetic market. There are more and more platforms showing up to tackle the industry, but focusing on influencer marketing or ingredients rather than on creating value for the user.

I'm interested in creating a good product, that solves a problem for the user - I'd like to think of organic growth and market fit rather than on quick acquisitions.

Let me know if you're interested or if you know anyone who might be! If you have any recommendations, they're also welcome!

Thanks for reading!

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    Hey, i am a experienced web developer and also a good react native developer from Munich. Also i am a good ui/uix designer, so just hit me up via email: schaller.jonas2003[at]gmail

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    Hello.. I am a Java engineer but learned Flutter during covid. I reside in Berlin, Germany. Although I am not very strong in flutter, I can improve quickly.
    I too prefer bootstrapped business.
    Lets have a meet. I may be of help.

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    if you need a product designer, I am a product designer based in Berlin with over 12 years of experience, interested in collaborating on your project
    Email me: pixerizer[at]gmail

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    Something like hautschutzengel.de/, my wife checks her products there on the website. But what is the biggest problem you are trying to solve ?

    I would definitely start with a progressive web App

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      Hey @XamHans I checked it, I haven't been able to see the reviews but there's a lot of content (a bit difficult to navigate - from my perspective), still they get their chunk of users ( 110k/month ± 10%). I have a different thought in mind.

      Ever since I was looking into the idea, Agoraworld came with an influencer based model, Supergreat with a video recommendation network, etc. It's not really what I want to do, but the fact that so many products are arising to cover the issue makes me think that there's a market for it

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    Message me if you need someone to build your mvp. I could help you build a prototype and guide you through the launch and maybe help you with fundraising. Finding a cofounder can be difficult and get in the way of actually launching.

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      Hey Marc @Mfdobi! This is really thoughtful thank you! I will

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    Check out this meetup in Berlin: https://www.meetup.com/journey-into-product/events/290999589/

    It's a place where a lot of great product people mingle, and you might find a co-founder there.

    Also really recommend the Berlin IndieHackers meetup: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/indie-hackers-berlin/events/290999605/

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        You're welcome! Hope to see you there.

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