Any feedback on my website would be great! We're launching very soon!

Hi everyone,

I am about to launch my product Fintuition to the Canadian market (USA coming soon). Our public site and product is ready, but I'd love to get some feedback on our site before launching with $.


Really appreciate any help here!

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    It's clear and it clean. Which can be its greatest compliment but also your worst enemy at the same time.

    What do I mean by that?
    Although the site is clear, it lacks a bit of personality. Something in design or the copy that makes it stand out. Currently it feels flat to me.

    This looks like it is a b2c product. From where I'm from we don't have cashbacks (or at least it's not wide spread). So I did a 10-minute research to find similar products. Some of them have good designs that make them feel like there's some personality there, while still getting the most important information across.

    Some examples I found that you may have already looked at:

    I think it needs to talk about "outcomes" a little bit more, answering direct and indirect questions.

    • Why would I use this?
    • Does it only have this one feature?
    • What do I get out of this? Does this get me ahead somehow?
    • Will I be able to save money for sure?
    • How do I know this app is not in league with credit card companies?
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      Thanks @dkDavor for the feedback. We'll try to find ways to "spice" it up a bit. We are leaning towards emphasizing our value propositions much more than our "how it works" section.

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    Hey Adam, the website looks great! I also tried a quick redesign of the above-the-fold section you can take a look here. Anyways, good luck on the launch! :)

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      It's why i like indie hackers community. Design looks more attractive now compared to the current, good job.

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        You're welcome! If you need more help, feel free to ping me on Twitter!

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          Sounds great - will do. Thanks!

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    Hey there! 👋

    It's a nice page, and I think it's clear enough! A couple of notes:

    1. For the above the fold section I would use, if possible, the same words/phrases of happy customers. For example something on the note: "Save hundreds of dollars without losing time in searching credit cards" (an impromptu combo from your testimonial #1 and #4 texts)

    2. Only after you specified the main benefit(s)/pain point (which should be the ones MOST frequently reported by your users/testimonials, with their exact words/jargon) I would answer the "How?" question

    3. This page isn't a landing page, but the home of a small website. A landing page should not have links to internal pages, only 1 single CTA that brings users to your desired result. So ideally, you should include pricing and FAQs right on this page.

    3b) 1 single CTA means also either the live demo, or the sign up. Only 1, with the same copy. It tends to bring better results

    3c) You can leave this page exactly as it is, and create a separate proper landing page in another link that you promote. I think the one you shared can work as a regular homepage.

    1. The part of "Compare every cash back credit card instantly" with the gif, is great!

    2. In general there's always room for improvement from a design perspective, but if this is your MVP, I think it's enough to start :)

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      Hi @MattBonacini,
      This is great feedback - really appreciate this. I am going to take your advice and build a true landing page especially to funnel potential customers from our campaigns to. Now, I just need to figure out what CTA I want to showcase on the landing page. My first thought is actually the live demo as it showcases the product well and might hook someone more.
      Thanks again,

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        Happy to know that it helped a little bit! 🙌

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    Nice looking website. Loads fast. Google Lighthouse can suggest a few things most important IMO is that your homepage doesn't have a meta description.

    I would suggest adding Open Graph meta tags. OG tags are an easy win as you can re-use existing meta data.

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      Thanks a lot @Hacker0x20, I am going to try this out specifically using Google Lighthouse and add some OG tags in.

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    There's a lot of potential here but i do find a lot of issues. Some are probably just because you didn't have the manpower or time to do it.

    1. Personally i think the pricing you used is bad. Since you can save up to 1000$ why not have a charging mechanism where they can switch between cards (without knowing anything about them) and seeing the savings and only once they want to reveal and/or apply they would charge for example 100$ one time fee rather then a subscription.

    I know it's less predictable then a subscription but i can imagine the churn rate is so bad that in the end one time fee is so much better in revenue generation. Saving 1000$ and spending 100$ sounds like a good investment.

    It's not like people will change credit cards every month that they need this subscription especially because they pay annual fee for the credit cards.

    1. The Website itself looks blend (lack of information and convincing). There's very little to make me trust it. If it requires me to connect my credit card to a random website it will scare away some potential customers. The reason why people shop online often is because they do trust stripe which many use, but if a website uses a random service then some people might not buy from it due to the lack of trust. Make sure when creating the account you have clear Terms and Condition there so people can gain more trust and where everything is detailed (get a lawyer to go through it, you don't want to get a lawsuit because of XYZ).

    You need more social proof links to real social accounts probably. (try to have beta users who become the social proof by offering it to them for free for example)

    1. Website has basically 0 effort on SEO. I know you just started but doing this early will help you in the long run. You should have blog writing about finance and around credit cards preferably which then you can lead people towards your savings service.
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      @pitieu thanks for the honest feedback. Lots to dissect but looking at solutions to generate privacy policies and T&Cs. Lots of solutions to choose from.

      I agree with the pricing. To be honest, we are running it as part of a test, but eventually I may move into a freemium or discounted model to get more traffic and untap other revenue sources. The goal would be to add more features to justify a recurring revenue model. I really like the % of savings pricing model, but when we move into B2B customers, I feel like they will accept that more.

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    This is a great idea! Looks very clean, minimal, and on the point. I have some of my personal UX suggestions:

    • Is it possible to support Google/Apple Sign up? Even Phone number logins are very easy and convenient.
    • Would it have been easier to understand if the How it Works section had some sort of timeline format, i.e. - Link -> Analyze -> Recommendations
    • In the demo instance, I was a bit lost while using the Annual cashback graph. With one moving cursor over the graph, both the values were changing on the legend, but only one data point was changing on the graph. After some time I discovered there was another blue graph underneath it.
    • If I could export an analysis of my spending, that would be great too!
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      @HappyHiker - I really like that export analysis of your spending idea - thanks for that. Our current project is working on Google sign-on right now - I think it will help a lot.

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    Hey Adam, love the value prop!

    from my previous experience working for finder.com, Insights + Cashback using banking data for comparison is something that has good traction in both US and UK and I'm assuming CA (where open banking makes it more seamless than say AU).

    From my experience, the main difference in building a B2C product versus B2B are the following:

    Product demos are less common place - people want to see more examples of product through videos and images on the homepage. The idea of a "Live demo" CTA feels a bit out of place.

    Social proof - although also crucial for B2B, even more so for B2C when asking for users to connect bank accounts. I see you've got 4 there, but if you can allude to total number of customers (even if they're not active users as this point, i.e signups to a waitlist) will add a lot of weight. People want reassurance and to de-risk their decision making.

    Brand personality - in B2B, a clean aesthetic is enough combined with attractive value prop to get a foot in the door. For B2C, brand and personality is also a crucial trust marker.

    I think a few quick wins like including a few more images of the product, bumping up the scale of the existing images and refining the typescale to be more dramatic, you could improve the current brand look and feel.

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      One last point on B2C compared to B2B, have you thought of a freemium option? I think you may struggle to get people to sign-up straight to the paid plan without the ability to trial it first...

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        @Surfandstrategize thanks for the feedback and sorry for the slow response. Yes we have kicked around freemium vs paid. We landed on paid "for now" as a test to see if anyone would jump that barrier for us (obviously sacrificing a shear number of people). I think once we check that mental box, we might look into freemium by the way of offering free promotions. The Live Demo is the actual experience of our app and you get to click around so I was hoping that could act as a bit of a trial - do you think I should label it "Interactive Demo" considering the user can do actions in it?

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          @AdamCL yeah that makes sense with regards to freemium vs paid; the true test of finding PMF is whether people will pay for it or not!

          Ah interesting that it's the experience of the actual app, yes I would strongly suggest changing the wording to make it clearer. When I read "Live demo" I expect that I will be contacted by a sales rep to give me a live demo of the app.

          However, if you're getting a lot of engagement with the CTA and users realise its interactive when they get through, perhaps this isn't a huge issue. This is where the data and analytics on your page will be a huge help to ensure you're optimising it for conversions and can effectively test these sorts of changes.

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    Hi Adam!

    The Website looks really good. It's clean and minimal. One thing you can improve is the font for the heading. You can either make it bold or use a different font so as to emphasize on the headings more. It will also give the website more style. One of the fonts that can be useful is - ITC Avant Garde Gothic.

    Also, adding a sign in via google and apple will boost up the sign up rates.

    Good luck for the launch!

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      Social sign-in options are a great shout!

      I was the design lead on implementing social signup for finder.com (a global comparison site mostly present in AU, UK, US) and we saw an increase in subscriptions of 60% in the first month of launching 🤯

      However, unless you can find a ready made solution, can be timely to implement. Probably not something you can pump out pre-launch.

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        Thanks @Surfandstrategize - social signup is our current project after the feedback we received in this post actually. I think it reduces sign-up friction a lot.

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    Hey Adam, website looks good! I would suggest less friction to view the live demo. When I clicked on "Live Demo" I got redirected to a login page and it looked like I needed to input my login details, so I went to look for sign up and couldn't find it on that page. Then it turns out if I click Log In without inputting anything it actually just logs me in. Not sure if this is a bug or not but just thought to share my find. Best of luck!

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      Thanks @Kenwu09 - we will try to clean this up a bit. Clicking "log-in" on that redirected demo page is the correct work flow but we need to make that a bit clearer.

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        just simply auto login the user and redirect to dashboard it's better.

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    Overall, it's a good website. I have a couple of suggestions here:

    1. The demo video looks a bit strange, perhaps because it's not very clear, and the video screen isn't large enough.
    2. In the last section, "Your security is important to us," I think the number of words in each point is a little too much. You should try to keep each point between 6-10 words to make it easier for viewers can get what you want to say at a glance.
    1. 1

      Thanks @Jessicann - great feedback thanks. So much good feedback from everyone so compiling all these notes.

      1. We will make the video screen a little larger. Would you suggest captions or a voiceover would help? I also don't want it to distract from the product.
      2. I agree. The copy is a continuous project to make it more concise.
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    You should get rid of the computer image and just show a large image of your actual software. Right now its too small to see and leaves a lot of white space on your main page... plus the computer kind of looks old haha. Good luck.

    1. 1

      Thanks @modelsend. This point keeps coming up so I agree improving this image will help.

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    This seems like a great tool! I think your hero section should really highlight the tool itself. You can either increase the size of the laptop to make it easier for users to see the screen or remove the laptop altogether and provide a screenshot (or better, a short video demo) of the tool. As is, it's a bit too small and difficult to see. Otherwise, I think the page layout is great, very user-friendly. Good luck with the launch!

    1. 1

      Thanks @UpLadder - yeah that image needs to be improved haha.

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    Love the website. Very clean easy to follow and read.

    I'd potentially fix a few things:
    #1 Photo in the Hero section (the laptop) is too small. Difficult to see what's on it and doesn't really support well the hero text

    #2 The How it works section: personally I wouldn't put this here. I think it's more important to start with the "WHY" (value propositions) rather than the "HOW". But I guess that's down to experimenting and seeing what works better.

    #3 You are only asking people to sign-up but what if they don't want to do it yet. Make sure you have a place where you collect leads, so you can reach out to them over time. It's a lot to ask to go from visiting a page, directly to a full sign-up. Of course make sure you provide a lead magnet / incentive for people to do that

    #4 Testimonials: I'd bring one or two at the front. These are generally the most impactful.

    #5 Pricing: again a personal taste, preference, but I don't think it's need for the pricing to be on a separate page.

    That's it for now. Hope it helps. If I think of something else I'll let you know. cheerss

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      Thanks @tadejudovic - these points are great. We will review and try to implement some of it. I might reach out with more questions too. Thanks again!

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    From a design aspect, I think it looks great.

    Something to optimise later down the line - It would be good if I could see the top % cash-back credit cards available at the moment. This would give me more incentive to sign-up. Maybe even make it personal like "Cards you could be eligible for..."

    1. 1

      Thanks @calumjab, we are hoping to include some content similar to this so it is more enticing to sign up.

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    Nice work!

    "Securely link your credit card" is what gives me pause. I don't know what this means, but its vague enough to cause me concern from a security perspective.

    If I understood it a bit more I reckon I'd be more open to it.

    1. 1

      Thanks @rydercalmdown - ok makes sense. Thanks for highlighting this.

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    Looks really good, and I immediately understood what it's about. One tiny thing: the gray background on the "how it works" items made them look like placeholder images for a second to me.

    1. 1

      Ok thanks for the feedback @manukall

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    Hey Adam, Michael here. I run a UX agency called Lightning UX and we frequently work with clients to improve conversions and user engagement on their landing pages.

    Here’s a few tips from me (I viewed on mobile):

    1. Regarding financial products, consumers tend to be wary of new companies. To build trust, consider adding logos of authoritative bodies and standards you comply with to help them feel their info is secure.

    2. Your hero explains the product quite well but is lacking social proof. It would be great as a potential customer to see some average ratings of early users, some short testimonial or similar to help me think other people use and trust your service.

    3. In the hero it would be a good idea to add “objection points” to help people overcome their initial doubts, e.g. “Get recommendations in minutes”, or “No subscription required” etc.

    4. I think you could speak to the user’s pain points slightly better. Directly call out three things that a user would find difficult about choosing the right credit card so people can quickly understand what problem you’re solving.

    Hope that helps and good luck with the launch! Happy to chat if you want more of a discussion 🙂

    1. 1

      Thanks @mfordy. I think we need to get our value propositions in there better too. We will likely be reaching out to you soon as well as we continue to develop this out. Thanks again!

    2. 1

      Do you think the social proof being lower on the page is not enough and that it should be higher up?

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    I would consider adding live chat or making it easier to contact you with questions. It looks like there is only an email. Sometimes you can pickup useful ideas about what is confusing users by understanding what messages you commonly get asked.

    1. 2

      @devandmarketing - that makes a lot of sense actually. I will explore implementing that as we are in the stage of picking up useful ideas for sure and common issues.

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    I like the website. It's a clean design and to the point.

    The question I have is around the core promise -- for me i'd always be nervous about switching credit cards; i keep it all with one bank and my financial products together. I suspect many are like me. But what would it take me to change cards?

    I'm wondering if I read a little more of a testimonial and perhaps a short case story, it might prompt me to take a much closer look at what savings I could potentially unlock.

    1. 1

      Thanks @AtRiskMedia - yeah I think we need to showcase how much money you could potentially be leaving on the table to overcome this friction. Thanks again!

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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