Anybody running a Black Friday 2022 deal? I'm compiling a list of deals and will be sharing this as a free resource.

Anybody here running a SaaS deal they want to promote for Black Friday 2022?

I'm compiling a massive list of deals and will be sharing this as a free resource.

The deal list will be shared on SaaS Firesale, and there won't be any affiliate links on the deals posted there. You can submit through the submission form on that website.

I’m taking submissions now - just free promotion for your SaaS!

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    Remote Desktop in browser Getscreen.me - we give 50% OFF on a subscription until November 28. Just activate coupon BLACKFRIDAY22!

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    UIHUT.COM is One of The most powerful and largest Free design resources platforms. Over 20,000 UI KITs across all categories such as Web Template, Illustrations, 3D Assets, Web App, Icon, Dashboards, and so much more. Components for every single product design need.

    Also, Discounts are available on UIHUT during Black Friday. Buying Lifetime for $149 saves you $1449At uihut you can find more than 21,000 designs.🤑

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    No-code instant admin panel, to manage your database like a spreadsheet. Integrations to external tools are available to automate the data, and a white label feature too!
    We're offering 70% off of the monthly subscriptions.
    Code: STATIONDB70

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    No-code payment plans solution that works anywhere and reduce busy-work with built-in automations - https://payflexi.co/black-friday-deals

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    60% off the Premium plan for everyone that subscribes the newsletter!

    Do you want to start earning with Affiliate Marketing?

    Everything you need to find and sell quality affiliate marketing programs! Premium hand-picked affiliate marketing programs right in your inbox.

    Subscribe here > https://affistash.com

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    50% off on any plan - Monitor your website performance

    Speetals monitor your user's experience on your website! Track site speed metrics (Web Vitals and more) on domain and page levels, compare against competitors, fast-validate your optimizations, and be alerted if something goes wrong!

    Get coupon code at > https://speetals.com

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    Black Friday deal for https://RemoteLeaf.com is live!

    It’s 50% off on the Lifetime plan

    Use code: BLACKFRIDAY

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    Offering a rare lifetime deal on EarlyPing:

    ✓ Monitor up to 50 websites, web applications, or any Internet-facing endpoint from 20 global locations and 200+ network providers.
    ✓ Beautiful status pages which work automatically.
    ✓ Track up to 500,000 monthly pageviews (cookie-free analytics)
    ✓ Unlimited session replays
    ✓ Unlimited heatmaps
    ✓ Unlimited visitor profiling and journey
    ✓ Invite up to 100 team members
    ✓ Unlimited SMS, Email, Slack, Telegram, and Webhook alerts.
    ✓ Unlimited projects.
    ✓ Custom domain for status pages.

    All for just $99.99 one time


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    I'm providing my Notion template on Software Development Health for free right now: https://icebearlabs.gumroad.com/l/notion-template-software-development-health-check

    With the template, you can check what is going great within your dev teams, what you could improve on and what you didn't think about until now.

    Would love to be included :)

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    Jason's Plugins For Carrd

    Just launched a Black Friday sale for my Carrd plugins:

    🎟 34% OFF all plugins, till 30 Nov

    e.g. you get a $15 single license plugin at $9.90.

    Get it here 👉 plugins.carrd.co

    And upping the ante in a crazy way - if you retweet this tweet, I'll DM you a code for 50% off 🎁

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    Hey everyone, https://www.kloudmate.com is offering 3 Months free Pro plan worth USD 900 get it here https://www.kloudmate.com/pricing.

    KloudMate is a AWS Serverless Observability platform for developers. It will help debug your serverless Apps in minutes.

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    Fuelance Freelance System

    Find Freelance Opportunities on Autopilot. Onboard Clients & Manage Projects Effortlessly with:

    ✓ 50+ Freelance Templates & Documents

    ✓ Lead Generation Systems Guide & RSS Lead Feeds

    ✓ Cold email Templates

    ✓ Growth Guides

    ✓ Customizable Client Portals & Dashboards

    ✓ Quick Set Up Guide

    ✓ Unlimited Project Workspace

    ✓ Store/Download docs

    80% OFF. Lifetime Access, Use code 80OFFBF at the checkout


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    OneSimpleApi.com - The first no-code API designed to save time, money and stress!
    Discount: 50%

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      I'm getting a 503 when I want to open your Website.

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        Interesting, are you behind a VPN or proxy?

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          Now it works. Strange.. Sitting in a train in Germany, reading on my phone ;) no vpn connected, only the tracking blocker from duckduckgo.

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    I'm doing 50% off on all my products. Normally I'm more in the premium bracket so this is an opportunity for people with a more modest budget / who're earlier in their journey to benefit from these products.

    The YRC BOOTCAMP: A 30-day training program that teaches and helps solopreneurs how to make a living off their expertise. It's a very "step-by-step / I'll hold you by the hand" type of bootcamp.

    $10K Per Month The same but a more affordable DIY option w/o the daily coaching aspect.

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    Great initiative.

    Buildearn OS - The ultimate System to plan, build, manage and grow your business


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    No-code popup builder to increase sales & conversion.
    Discount: 50%

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    Our Product is best for the SaaS and Membership business and helps the SaaS business to grow their business and reduce their Customer Churn rate.

    Discount: 10%
    Code: CF2022

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    https://folge.me is an app for creating step-by-step guides now has 30% discount until 28th Nov

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    For no-code Bubble users, Zeroqode has hot offers (42% for all no-code products) for those who are building on Bubble platform -

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    Free .ink domains from porkbun. Just got one for my nephew who is a tattoo artist. Pretty cool.


    (no affiliation)

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    sql2sheets is doing a 50% off sale for the first 3 months for those who join.

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    This comment was deleted 13 days ago.

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