Anyone looking for a Co-Founder or CTO?

Hello Community,

I am open to collaborating with any startup that is looking for anyone who is good in technology.

About Me:
Location: India
Years of Experience: 12 Years of rich experience in Backend, Frontend, and DevOps. Worked with good brands like FIS, Siemens, Wolter Kluwer, and recently with Startup. Expertise includes DevOps (AWS, Docker, CI/CD using GitHub Actions and Gitlab), Development(NodeJs, Angular, .NET Core). For more please see my profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/kunalsdeshmukh/

I can share more details if need.

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    I would be interested in speaking with you about a CTO position with my company, please, email me at ty@ogcollectibles.xyz to discuss the position if you are interested. Thanks,


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    Hi Kunal,

    If you're interested in collaborating with other developers on a new venture, I'd be interested in helping out on the frontend if needed. I have experience with React and I'm looking to collaborate on cool projects. Do you have an email I could reach out to you on?

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    Hi Kunal,
    Are you looking to collaborate with other developers as a hired developer or starting a new venture?

    If it's the latter, can you leave an email so I can contact you?

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