Be in love with the problem

People dream about being their own bosses, being able to command their time, make a lot of money and live the dream. But is this what entrepreneurship is all about? Probably, it’s the end result if you are really successful (I’m not there yet!).

Everyone has an idea, infact as I am building my business, I know 3 other founders that are building something similar and I am sure a lot more that are thinking about doing exactly the same, but success in building a business is all about execution.

As simple as it sounds, it’s not. There are a lot of steps to go through till you can start executing.

Please remember to always be in love with the problem and not your solution.

Over the last 3 years, most founders I work with have great ways to think about how their product or solution is going to change the world, without really understanding the problem they are trying to solve. They are more focused on their feature set rather than understanding if the features they are building really help to solve a problem.

Problems are everywhere, look around you, what do you have to do just the way it is that you hate doing?

Here are some things I hate:

  1. The boarding process when I am boarding a flight
  2. The LinkedIn feed with really irrelevant posts
  3. Prospecting buyers that aren’t going to buy

Now the next step is to find 100 people who face the same problem and will pay you to solve it. Not your friends or family, but 100 people you don’t know at all that are willing to pay you something to help make their lives better.

Next post: Who are these 100 people?

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    Prateek your find 100 people advice doesn't apply to very many startups. Your startup https://www.activatedscale.com looks interesting though. I just don't see why IH doesn't let us sell things without producing "content" like this.

    1. 1

      Thanks @disrael I respect your opinion

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