Best approach to make Link Building?

Link building is a crucial element of SEO for any website. It’s important to approach link building in an orderly way and not just launch into link building without a plan.

Link building can be a daunting task, even for experienced SEO professionals.

What techniques have you used for link building for your website? What has worked best for you and what has not been as successful? Are there any additional tips that have proven to be effective?

I'm interested in hearing how others approach link building for their websites and any suggestions on how to improve my existing strategies. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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    I will share my experience.

    I hired a couple of Freelancers for link building, and after a couple of guest posts, I realized what's the point of sharing articles to websites from where I won't have any clients.

    Yes, my domain authority will increase, but there are better ways to rank also.

    So I started sharing my design subscription agency differently 👇

    • Shared in Dribbble and Behance
    • Used all social media like Facebook, X, LinkedIn, and TikTok.
    • Wrote in Hackernews, Indiehackers and Reddit.
    • Got featured in Onepagelove and 10words.
    • I will share in Awwwards, Quora, and other platforms too.

    Within 2-3 weeks I'm getting an average of 100+ visitors a day. Plus, I'm getting high-quality backlinks too.

    I also noticed people started featuring my design subscription agency in their websites too. 👇


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      Best answer ever Kazi! So insightful. I'll take it for me. Really appreciate!

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    In my experience with link building, a combination of guest posting on relevant, reputable sites like:
    Guest Posting: Contributing content to relevant and reputable websites.
    Social Media Engagement: Creating shareable content for increased visibility.
    Relationship Building: Fostering connections with industry influencers.
    Quality Over Quantity: Prioritizing authoritative and natural links.
    Avoiding Automated Tools: Steering clear of automated link-building tools.
    Relevance Checks: Regularly auditing and updating content for continued relevance.
    Consistency: Maintaining a consistent and ethical approach.
    Adaptation to Algorithm Changes: Being flexible and adapting strategies based on algorithm updates for long-term success.

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    The problem with link building is many folks go into it trying to get other websites to link to their blog posts. This may have worked 10 years ago, but the market is oversaturated with these tactics so people tune them out.

    I get dozens of emails every week asking me to:

    • Link to a generic blog post (that usually is not very well written)
    • Asking for a guest post (usually a half-hearted pitch that isn't relevant to me)

    The common thread between these is I have never heard from the people reaching out to me, and I have zero incentive to respond to them.

    In this way, effective link building is a bit like sales. You need to ADD value in order to receive value you. You can add value by:

    • Creating unique, original content
    • Building a relationship
    • Actually helping me out

    I've earned guest posts by building relationships first, then I'm asked if I would write a guest post. For original content, original analysis (either based on your data or someone else's) or interviews work great. The key is that these cannot easily be replicated or found somewhere else.

    Above all, remember why people link to something: to back up a claim they are making or to illustrate a point they are making. If you create content and build relationships with that in mind, you stand a much better chance than the "Hello dear, please link to my blog post" drivel being sent to inboxes daily.

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      'Building relationships first' makes a lot of sense. Let's do that

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    Building backlinks from news outlets can be effective if you have experience and expertise in your niche. (There are platforms like HARO, Featured, Qwoted).

    I'm building a niche Saas specifically to help find personalized opportunities for media mention. I offer a 30 day publicity guarantee, if you don't get a mention from a news outlet in 30 days I'll give a full refund.

    You can try it out here

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      Really appreciate it SolarFlare! I gonna try it out

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    Content from primary/secondary sources is always highly shareable because no one wants to be the one building the report about "X" thing. We all want to do the next best thing which is simply interpreting that data.

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      As builders, the most (only?) sustainable path for link building is... writing quality content.

      Content people want to share with their friends (B2C), colleagues (B2B), community base (B2C2B if you're building champions?), etc., otherwise buying all those links every month is going to get expensive real quick. Doing proactive reach-out also comes with a cost most of the time, although one's always able to sneak a few links into other people's sites by offering some cross-collaboration every once in a while.

      I think link building shouldn't be decoupled from your content plan and it should be a consistent delivery of expertise in whatever domain you excel at, and where you see you can position whatever it is you're selling naturally (can't force public interest). No way around it IMO.

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        Agree Albert! Let's write quality content!

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    The first thing is produce quotable or closer to original taught content. Most original taught will get good amount of link building naturally and people will voluntarily link back to originals source which is you.

    Producing original content is a bit tricky and making it something that people want to read and related to your market and target customer making it more complex.

    I made a tool that will go tru thousands of keywords and searches related to your particular market to comeout with best keywords to target which have great traffic and low difficulty.

    If you interested to try out the tool you can checkout decentool.com

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      Of course Azhar! I'll try it out. Thanks for sharing

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    Your question regarding link building strategy is spot on and could benefit any website seeking to improve SEO. It's hard to suggest something but creating original and valuable content is key for me

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