Best tool to enable integrations for customers

Hi all, we're looking to enable integrations for customers to be able to reference documents in google docs for example connect to some other third party app like Notion and reference a page etc.

What is the best tool you've used to enable this at scale? Currently looking at things like Zapier, Tray, Make, Prismatic, automate.io

Any suggestions? We're a small team and have a very small budget but would love to try something like this.

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      Thank you I'll definitely check this out. My use case was that in our app at a workspace level a "Google Docs" integration can be enabled and then people can link, search, and expose their google docs. I'll need to read over this but thank you again this looks like a great product!

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    Albato and Pabbly are cost friendly.

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      Thank you! Albato looks like it could do the job, Pabbly looks more consumer focused. Need to create this in our app. Thank you for the suggestions!

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