Business Partner Needed for an Influencer Marketing Platform

Hi Hackers, a friend of mine and I are working on a platform that allows online businesses to create, run, manage and monitor their influencer marketing campaigns all in one place. We're targeting small online businesses and D2C brands as customers who don't have a dedicated marketing team and also cannot afford an influencer marketing agency.

And on the supply side, we plan on onboarding nano and mid-tier influencers (subs < 100k) on our platform. As this category of influencers has genuine and dedicated followers.

Our goal is to make influencer marketing accessible and affordable for online businesses. We're building a product, not an agency.

👉 We're looking for a hacker who could help us manage the business side of things - Customer Acquisition and Marketing for now.

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    I built the MVP for an influencer marketing platform called Referazon which included a CRM to manage influencers. This sounds quite similar to what you are looking to do but ours was niched down to just Amazon influencers. I would love to chat more if you are interested.

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      Sure @kaiburnett I checked out your website, looks amazing. Yes, you are correct our idea is quite similar to Referazon though there are other plans which we have in mind for our platform. Since you guys have already created something similar and already have customers, I would love to discuss this idea more.

      Let's connect over email - askmrboffin@gmail.com

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        I just shot you an email, look forward to connecting.

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    Working online for 8+ years now. Currently appointed as a Marketing Manager at a renowned software company. I am very much interested on what you guys are doing.

    Thanks a lot.

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