Cofounder needed 👀 Community/growth/marketing/sales 🛀 Haircare tech

Hi! I'm Nat, over 10 years in tech as Frontend/Fullstack.

Looking for a Growth/Marketing/Sales/Community person with the right chemistry :) to launch something fun and bold together.

I'm passionate about consumer products and I'm building a technology that assists with coloring hair at home, focusing on the US market first.
👉 https://www.indiehackers.com/product/brusha

☑️ Min 20+ hours a week.

☑️ Hair coloring is mainly a feminine topic but definitely not limited to gender. However, you must understand the industry and ideally be a part of it.

☑️ Understanding of community building. This is a very creative community (DIYers and experimenters), many people dye their hair during mental breakdowns, so it can also fall into the wellbeing category.

☑️ The project is at the pre-launch stage. I need a co-founder who has complementary skills so I can focus more on tech building and make enough progress in the company to get funding.

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