Cofounder needed/ Marketing/Growth/Sales for DTC Beauty Brand

Hi, I’m Pedro, solopreneur of ENBYNYC, a recurring subscription-based business.

social media: ENBYNYC

ENBYNYC specializes in skin care products to help support the unique changes that occur during gender transition and everyday life. By curating a line of inclusive, natural skin care products, ENBYNYC caters to the unique skin care challenges that occur as the result of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Transgender and Non-binary individuals who undergo hormone replacement therapy face unique dermatological needs. As hormone use manifests in skin related side effects (testosterone creating an oilier canvas and estrogen leaving to excessive dryness) ENBYNYC offers inclusive, vegan dermatologist certified and approved skin care products and regimes for the Transgender, Non-binary and Gender non-conforming population that enables them to express themselves authentically.

The project is at the pre-launch stage, looking for a partner who has experience in growing startups in the DTC space.

• Understanding the importance of community building.

• Cofounder who can help us identify, establish and grow multiple distribution channels.

• Cofounder who has the digital marketing experience and skills to help us crush the beauty industry.

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