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    Hey IH.

    I wanted to make the site you open up every time you're writing new copy.

    It's a deep sea. Dive in. Filter to find what you're looking for. Hover over each example to see why it works.

    “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” — Albert Einstein

    Took a while. Hope you find it useful. Any questions I'll be in the comments 🙌

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      It's really amazing, Harry. I love UI/UX.

      What platform you used for building this beautiful website? Or what's your tech stack?

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        Thank you.

        It's html and a lot of javascript. And a masonry grid plugin to pull it all together...

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      Love it, Harry. I still remember your old days on IH. You have been such an inspiration!

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        Cheers Alessandro. Kind words. But if making money is your goal I'd get inspired from people making more money than me...

        If building a big audience the goal... then yeah get inspired.

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    Damn, it's actually addictive to scroll through the page — even if you don't take the time to stop and closely read the examples.

    It's kind of reminiscent of a pinboard on Pinterest, except the copy is doing just as much work as the visuals. (I guess this isn't super surprising in retrospect?)

    Anyway, good work, and congratulations on the launch!

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      Pinterest scrolling a big inspiration.

      What took time was trying to write the perfect t “break down” for each example. Each one is 5-10 rewrites... I wanted to bring something unique and not just throw examples down...

      With this out I'm back here more often. Cheers for the support.

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    I'm a simple man, I see Harry, I upvote.

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    Saw your Product Hunt launch today Harry. Great job. Glad you're back!

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      Thanks Darko — Loving your emails

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    Scrolling through this is addictive, great job. A copywriting example that was highlighted on Hacker News once and has stuck with me was Joe Coleman's: "The joy of being five. You've got just 365 days to capture it."


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