Dev seeking to join a paid project

Hi there, I am looking to work with you (if you let me of course ;)) on your project. Being a developer has made me hungry to keep learning cool tech. If you are looking for someone to work remotely consistently, then I am your guy.

Here is the tech stack I have under my belt:

  1. Front End

    • React.js
    • Bootstrap(including 5)
    • Vanilla javascript
    • Jquery
  2. Back End

    • Laravel
    • Django
    • Nodejs
    • Mysql

Reach me here: devdavie6@gmail.com
Thank you!

  1. 1

    FrontEnd -Full match. Backend on Ruby :) Will work?

  2. 1

    lave some contacts so people can reach you (but don't hold your breath, there are no paid projects here)

    1. 1

      Just edited! But you never know.

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