Developer advocate needed

We've been building our business for a little while now. We are slowly growing out of the indie hacker category, but really respect anyone creating their own thing.

We're looking to hire a developer advocate and I thought this may potentially be a role fit for someone here that's keen to start there own thing but wants something more permanent until then.

Let me know. Happy to share details :)

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    Mm I think this is the role made for me. Please contact me here hey@rajasimon.io

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    Hey Derk,

    I'm Raja, a web and mobile app developer.

    Plus I have a connection to a lot of people in the developer community.

    I'm in the process of building my own startup and I'd like to help you with your business.

    If you think that my service will be useful to you, I'm happy to help.

    Reply to me to get started.

    My email id : rajaprasathkjrv@gmail.com
    My linkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/raja-prasath-624069117/

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      I've sent you an email!

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    Hey Derk. What tech stack do you use?

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      Our backend is Node, C++ and some Python. Frontend is primarily React. But we offer SDKs to our APIs in Python, PHP, Node, Ruby and Go.

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      forget about the tech stack, they have invented entirely new profession "developer advocate"

      1. 2

        ? it is not a new title, awesome people from front-end community have been taking this title for years now.

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    Let me hear more about the role whether I genuinely like to be part of

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