Developer looking for exciting projects

Full stack developer with 7 years of experience looking for new exciting projects to work on, comfortable working on both front and backend development. Here's few of the things I could help you with:

Build web or mobile app from scratch
Build or implement existing APIs
Release mvp in very short period
Turn your idea to a clickable prototype
Add any features to your codebase
Improve your app user experience
Speed up your app performance
Simplify business logic
Fix bugs/errors
Design professional screen layout
Add more security layers
Host or deploy an app
Give expert advice on anything related to the above
Other technologies I am familiar with:

React/React Native, Vue, Node, Express, Typescript,
Python, Flask, WordPress, Firebase
SQL, POSTGres, MongoDB, GraphQL
AWS, Heroku, Jira

If interested send me a message today to discuss your project.
Have a great day!

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    Are you looking for a job or to partner?

    1. 1

      Yeah was going to ask the same :)

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    Hi, I would love to have a chat with you. We are currently seeking to add an additional tech co-founder to our team. We are looking into how to leverage Blockchain and NFT for the mental health sphere.

    If you are open to explore further, email me at jackal2912@gmail.com


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