Developer looking to collaborate with another developer


My name is Scott, and I'm an experienced entrepreneur and developer. I'm looking to collaborate with another web developer who can help ship something quickly, get customers, learn from those customers, and then iterate.

I have a few ideas I'm hacking on, but I'm also open to brainstorming new ideas. One idea is using GPT-3 for writing purposes, another one is a productivity tool to help get in flow state.

Technical-wise, I specialize in the javascript/web ecosystem. My preferred stack is Next.js, tailwind, Prisma, Supabase.

Please send me an email if you are interested! Email: scottschindler29@gmail.com

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    Hey Scott, I would be interested to connect as well. You can find my profile at https://vertexcover.dev

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    I'm interested. I too have a couple of ideas and i also specialize in the js stack.

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    Just wanted to say I like your tech stack 😄

  4. 1

    Have sent you an email! Looking forward to chat!

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