Do you have a blog for your business? If not yet, why?

I think it's well-known fact everyone should start doing content marketing from DAY 1 of their product.

I believe anyone should start creating content even before the MVP.
Most founders only create a basic landing page and think it's enough.

The fact is it's not enough.

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    Yes :) -- blogging is the single best way to grow interest. My first business went from a 2-page blog to a multi-million dollar company. Now on my second business, and again I'm leaning heavily into the blog.

    I'm a fan of your project @sandeep1995. A couple things that you may want to consider supporting (if not already) in DocsWrite:

    -Subscribers (to be notified of new posts)
    -Categories for organizing blog content

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      Hi, I am thinking of adding Email integration.
      Yeah already working on tags and categories

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      True. If a user finds you via Google, there is a good chance he/she can be your next customer. It gives instant validation to your product.

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    Agreed. Blogging is one of the smoothest approaches to driving traffic on your website organically. However, it's important to ensure the blogs are engaging and informative.

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      Yeah, no point in creating a blog post of buzzwords. Did you check my SAAS docswrite?

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    As a side-node, if you have a website/landing in PHP (LAMP) and want to add a blog to it, I created a very basic open-source PHP markdown blog.

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    Atm I'm just trying out a bunch of different ideas and seeing which one sticks. Do you think I should have a blog for every landing page I do? Or should I do it on something like medium?

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      I think you should have a blog post targeting the long tail keyword related to your product.

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    yes, we at Zeroqode, running our blog about no-code products, services, hacks, etc. - https://zeroqode.com/blog
    It helps us engage more people in no-code web development, attract new users, and, of course, it is very good for SEO. So, I strongly recommend doing that, even short articles can help grow online visibility.
    Good luck!

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      Absolutely, can you feature https://docswrite.com on your blog?

      With docswrite.com, anyone can create a blog
      from Google Docs in 30 seconds on their domain.

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        sorry, @sandeep1995
        We just work with our content and share our no-code products - ready-made app templates and plugins. Thanks!

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    Hey, Yes I have a site on a niche that represents the Woofer Product and I have a very vast range of that https://subwooferbeast.com/how-to-connect-lg-wireless-active-subwoofer/ take a look into this and enjoy your best Woofer.

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    On your blog, do you write content that is relevant to your target customer? Or do you blog about building your business (like what a lot of people on IH do)?

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      I publish both of them. A blog is your public voice of a business.

      Most businesses should try to write content on how it can benefit a prospective buyer.

      A prospective would love to know the journey behind your product.

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        How much SEO research do you do to determine what kinds of blog posts you should write so that you know you're actually writing content that people care about reading?

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          Check this image here. I wrote about user pain points related to my niche.

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    I do have a blog, and I love it! https://mergisi.medium.com/how-to-create-a-sql-query-using-ai-in-less-time-76dc9cc6f658

    I think it's important for any business to have a place where they can publish their own content, whether it's about their products or services or just the culture of the company. It's a great way to show how you operate and how you think, which can help potential clients understand how they might fit with your company.

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    What would be best for this, something like Medium or self-hosted?

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      Self hosted. Medium sucks actually. Random posts are suggested along with your post. Also there is a paywall.

      Checkout my SAAS https://docswrite.com

      You can start a blog on your domain from just Google Docs in 30s.

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    We have a blog. Matter of fact, we publish our blog both on our website and on Medium.

    This way we're able to keep our website in Google results without being penalized for duplicate content on Medium, which allows users to canonize their original publication, so search engines won't index the blog post on it.

    When we began I paid a lot of attention to SEO. I realized that SEO is mostly relevant to rather traditional businesses, and not startups. So while we keep the technical aspects of SEO in mind, we actually spend less time optimizing our content and try to make it as appealing to a random reader in our audience as possible (no clickbait, however!)

    We came to this conclusion by realizing, our product, while it's a B2B SaaS, can only gain users from the bottom-up for successful adoption.

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      SEO should be everyone's primary sales channel.

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        Should be, but some businesses need traction quicker than how much time it takes for SEO to pay off.

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    I've been blogging on FreeCodeCamp and my portfolio website for over 2 years now. That has helped me a lot in bringing traffic from google.

    Here's a link to the blog: https://manuarora.in/blog

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      Nice blog man. Keep up the good work. check https://docswrite.com too

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    Yeah, I am runing https://sanantoniobikeshare.org/best-bike-mirrors/ which is one of my first website. As I learned alot from it. Because before starting it I was unaware of website designing. I learned website designing then I studied seo and alot more thing.

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    Everything has already been written based on SEO algorithms.
    The only thing that remains is the creation of a blog, which is essentially the second product of the business with an emphasis on a mass audience.
    Otherwise, there will be a risk of getting lost among a bunch of competitors with similar content for business.

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      Not everything is written. It's hard to rank but not impossible with long tail keywords.

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    I feel like with social media and short form content, individual blogs get lost in the mix. Unless, it’s a recipe or tutorial, I think a business could make better content elsewhere first.

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      If you look at logrocket, they scaled their entire business doing /writing cool technical content.

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    No, we don't have a blog for our business yet. We're considering starting one, but we're not sure if it would be worth the effort.

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      Hi, I understand your hesitancy about starting a blog. I felt the same before starting one, but now I feel it was the most rational decision for my growth.

      I kept writing for 2 months straight and finally got 280+ claps on my recent article which is a stroke of achievement.

      So if you are confused about starting one, maybe my experience could help you get started.

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        Thank you for sharing your story! It's definitely encouraged me to start my own blog.

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      It's actually effortless to start a blog using https://docswrite.com
      It would hardly take 2 min to set it up on your domain or subroute.

      Ping me on Twitter if you need any additional help https://twitter.com/sandeep_indie

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    I do have a blog, yes, and I feel I under-prioritised how important it is. I should've focused a lot more on it before my launch. Well, now I know for the next time.

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      I completely agree! A blog can be a great way to build up an audience and get people excited about your product or service. I'm definitely going to make sure to focus on it more next time around.

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      The reason might be the process we follow to publish an article.

      The process should be as frictionless as possible. We as human beings do not love to do complicated stuff on regular basis. That's why we skip doing them.

      I created https://docswrite.com to have an effortless blogging experience just from Google Docs. You can create a blog on your domain
      from Google Docs in 30 seconds.

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