Does anyone have feedback on programmatic SEO?


I want to spend the next few weeks/months making programmatic SEO an acquisition channel for Panoramata.co (here's the part https://www.panoramata.co/brands-library).

Started 10 days ago - and I'm seeing a few issues, especially around duplicate content. I'm sharing what I'm doing to fix it on Twitter (https://twitter.com/heymehdi/status/1538479814067245058), but I'd like to know if anyone has great resources about this?

Or if anyone has examples and/or recommendations on how much the pages should be different, as they share the same template?

Thank you!

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    Simply put, programmatic SEO is a method that addresses the growing amount of search traffic by publishing landing pages on a large scale.

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    Google can be fickle wiith new content, but here's an educated guess.

    Very little content from page to page is unique. From the looks of it, there is a short description and then the numbers with the same description on each page for why the number is important. Google is smart, but at the end of the day Google is looking at raw HTML and if 80% of that HTML is the same from page to page, this can happen.

    Programmatic SEO is best for taking a base question that scales horizontally that can be answered in unique, but predictable ways.

    Here's 2 examples where I've worked with folks and seen this done very well:

    1. An insole company I worked with created pages that listed out insoles for various foot conditions and activities. That amounted to around 50+ pages of unique content but structured the same way.

    2. A text to speech software company created 80 pages for each of the languages they support, all the same structure but the content was unique.

    I'd try and make the content more unique from page to page. Keep the structure as it is, but think of it more as a way to answer the same question with a different flavor again, and again.

    Nice idea, and cool product concept. I hope this helps!

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      That is a great answer. Question - Can the same page but translated into different languages work, or will this be flagged as duplicate content?

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      Hey, thousands thanks for your answer!

      Make sense, I love your definition "Programmatic SEO is best for taking a base question that scales horizontally that can be answered in unique, but predictable ways." 👏

      I'll try to focus on adding more unique content, still need to get around what could be interesting.

      What are your thoughts around creating semi-original content? ie. Having the same datapoints, explained in a few different paragraphs, each paragraph templated assigned randomly to each page?

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        No problem!

        Semi-original is fine if it's a minority of content on the page, you could try and personalize the data descriptions a bit for each page - it's a bit more work but should be fairly straightforward to do. Right now it's pretty dominant but if you can tip the scale so that the data descriptions are 10% or so of the content that should be enough.

        That's not a scientific number, like everything in SEO it's a guesstimate as your goal should be to make it crystal clear to Google that these are unique pages with unique content and they both create value.

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          Yes, we have a similar situation at Mediamodifier, where all the single mockup templates are separate pages. The layout is identical, the same react application is loaded in, but the difference is in the title, meta description, preview image, description (text content with sometimes links), tags & related mockups.
          And all this information is hand-crafted for each page, except for related mockups.

          The programmatic part of it is the /tag pages which is a catalog layout - listing all the matching templates. Some of them rank very well - even better than a single mockup page.

          Category pages are semi - we do manual SEO content on top of matching templates for the category. (Of course, matching a mockup to a category is also manual).

          For the last 5-6 years, this has been our main new user acquisition strategy and is working so far.

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    Google can be erratic with new content, but here's an educated guess.

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    I was tagged previously in this post and shared some answers below, but for anyone else interested in this topic, I just released a free course on programmatic SEO that addresses all of these concerns like fixing duplicate content, indexing, generating content, and so forth.

    It's intended to be a foundational guide to help people get started with programmatic SEO right away. Hope you check it out 😊

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    please update the site map or contact me i help www.xcentricservices.com

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    Hey @mehdi, I'll echo @tscionti and expand a bit:

    • Similar text across pages: The page content is very similar from page to page. Example - Avg. Subject length has the same words for every page - "Why does this matter? Well, for open rates. Keep it short...". Even though the stats are different for each company, the majority of the text is same. In other words, the ratio of duplicate content across pages is way more than the unique.

    • Not answering a specific query: Typically for programmatic SEO to be productive, the pages you create have to target a specific query. Your page should be the answer to that query. Looking at these pages, I'd think the "query" you're targeting is: "What does Bulletproof's marketing strategy look like?" which I don't think has enough traffic volume. Failory has a great blog on doing just this here. He talks about starting with head terms which would be useful in your case.

    • Not enough value: I try to read up on different marketing strategies all the time and I don't think I get enough value from the info you have on the pages currently. For example - Knowing the number of keywords a company has doesn't help me. Maybe knowing what keywords they rank is better?

    Overall you have the Programmatic SEO strategy down and implemented. Your page design also looks beautiful. Just the content needs work.

    Whenever I think of creating these pages, I look at these pages as my north star since they get an insane amount of traffic from this tactic:

    Happy to talk specifics over Twitter DMs. Please do update us with your progress :D

    Shameless plug: I'm building a no-code tool - launchman.cc that lets you create programmatic SEO'd landing pages.

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      launchman looks really good. i have a question do you have other templates like a dark scheme one ?

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        Hey, I don't have one rn but I can work with you to create one. That's what I'm doing with all my customers.

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      Really helpful!

      At the end of the Fallory blog post, the author mentioned

      Manual penalization: If you publish thousands of pages all at once, you risk being manually reviewed and potentially penalized by Google"

      Do you have any idea how many pages are okay?

      I was searching for the same and found this Reddit post where people are saying it's okay to publish it all at once if you have < 20K pages.
      Indexing thousands of pages takes weeks or even months.


      I recently did some Programmatic SEO for https://vocabtube.com, I'm being extra careful to only index pages that have enough content to avoid penalization.

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      Ooohh great examples, thank you.

      Thanks for the feedback, from what Failory states, industry terms are much more interesting than the brands ones. I believe the two can work, because some brands are triggering a lot of interest (lululemon, glossier, allbirds, etc, all these DTC favs) - but makes total sense!

      Got it for the query and the similarity, I'll work on it again, improve... and update you of course!

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    It's been a few months. How has the indexing been looking? Looks like you are ranking for a few keywords on the first page of Google SERPs, so congrats on that!

    What keywords have you been looking to target?
    A few of the earlier comments address intent. If you are targeting keywords that have no search volume, you won't be getting any traffic. Ahrefs and kwfinder have been useful for me in finding good topics to go after.

    What tools are you using for determining duplicate content?
    I use siteliner once in a while. Wondering if there is something better than handles more pages for free.

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    Hi Mehdi! We've had some success with programmatic SEO at Whalesync (www.whalesync.com) using Airtable + Webflow + our own product.

    Happy to connect and share more about how we set it up if that's ever helpful.

    1. 2

      Matthew I'd love to connect and hear more about exactly how you did this - Airtable + Webflow for programmtic SEO is exactly what I've been looking for!

      I've tried using NoBull, but I'm not sure if I'm doing it quite right.

      Sending you an email. :)

    2. 2

      hey, I didn't know about whalesync, thank you! What's the role of Airtable, you're using as some kind of CMS on top of Webflow? Would love to understand :)

      1. 2

        Yup! Exactly.

        Webflow is amazing for quickly customizing nice looking landing page templates, but their CMS is built around making one update at a time. Airtable lets you update hundreds of records at once which is helpful for programmatic SEO.

        We use Airtable as our CMS, Webflow as the frontend, and Whalesync syncs the two.

        1. 2

          Ok, thank you! For now, I'm Exporting/Importing CMS records all at once, even if it's far from perfect, it works for now. Which kind of pages did you create for https://www.whalesync.com/?

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    If you can solve for user intent, algorithmic generated SEO like this can be amazing.

    For that to work you need a lot of data and need to structure it in a way that presents something useful. Not just a table comparison between two sets of facts.

    I experimented some with this last year in two areas: comparing two ETFs/mutual funds (ex: https://minafi.com/fund/compare/vti-vs-vtsax ) and comparing two investment brokers (Vanguard vs Wealthfront https://minafi.com/invest/compare/vanguard-vs-wealthfront ).

    These have been somewhat successful, with traffic way up when I was actively updating it. Unfortunately, there's been some competition in both of these areas as other people identified this niche and started creating their own algorithmic SEO.

    1. 1

      Interesting, thank you! Yup, what I definitely got is 1/ differenciate content between pages 2/ solve for user intent at scale, which can be the hardest part - but I'm at it!

      Thank you for sharing these examples, I love your comparisons pages!

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    Some tips that can help

    1. H1 - Brand + Marketing Strategy. Change"The Sill" to something like "The Sill's Marketing Strategy Breakdown"

    (Why? provides more context to Google on what this page is)

    1. Subheadings - Change "Ecommerce marketing strategy - The Sill" to "The Sill - Ecommerce marketing strategy " There are quite a few throughout the page. Change all of them

    (Why? The words start with a unique word in each page & this helps)

    1. People are also tracking these brands marketing strategy - May want to reduce this number to 6 or so.

    (Why? Part of the duplicate content may be from here. Reduce and experiment)

    1. Title - Every Title has Lifestyle Ecommerce. You may want to cut that down to brand name + marketing strategy (get rid of category name on Webflow)

    2. (optional) Find a way to internally link pages & build links.

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      Oh - thank you 100%. Will do right now!

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    I've curated a list of Programmatic SEO case studies from Indie Founders & will be releasing it on my site MarIndie.com this week

    In the meantime, you can check out other curated list of strategies such as SEO, Reddit and Pre-launch/Sales


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      will def check out thanks!

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    SEO is a long-term task.

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      Agreed! But you need to start somewhere, right? :))
      (and be hungry can be a plus haha)

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    Would it be pointy of me to call this search engine spam?

    I hope Google can derank this practice as it really makes some searches impossible, due to the spam. Especially anything with my suburb name. (Lucky the map based search counteracts thay)

    1. 1

      (not pointy at all btw, thanks for sharing!)

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      Hey - I understand how annoying it is, noticing the same patterns. At the same time, I honestly (and strongly) believe I can answer genuinely to these requests at scale within my product/platform - and programmatic SEO could be a nice way to showcase that and bring the right audience.

      Not trying to deceive people here - all the contrary

      1. 1

        My test is: is every page what the user wanted? Or are they duped?

        If I search “plumber my town” and land on a generated page with a national number that might have a plumber near me, that is probably not what I want. I want to see “Sam Smith” who is actually near me and his site.

        If generated content is good it might be ok. I ran a site a while back with generated content because thats what I wanted for the user, SEO was secondary.

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    Hi Medhi, I wrote about this topic on https://www.callmefred.com/programmatic-seo-scaling-your-online-presence-while-providing-value-to-the-readers/ and have applied this technique to multiple client & personal sites in various niches.

    1. 1

      hey thank you! your blog post is super valuable, thank you for the tips related to the content.

      As you mentioned this, I had some doubts about AT. I know Google is making a lot of effort into detecting AI content - but I was wondering if a few sentences on a page, by OpenAI, would be detectable? Just to help on differentiating the page? Not sure if there's a real answer, just genuinely curious

      1. 1

        No, it won't be detectable and yes it can help on differentiating the page.

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    I recently saw an article by @allison experimenting with programmatic SEO. She writes out her process and how she implemented it technically .


    1. 2

      Thanks @Nicolas!
      Happy to answer any questions you have about programmatic SEO @mehdi. I'm getting about 4k visitors per month from my site that is 7 months old currently.

      In my experience, Google will index pages that are pretty similar. Sharing a handful of sentences between pages is ok, but make sure you don't have exact copies of paragraphs. What status did Google give your excluded pages in GSC?

      1. 1

        You're not concerned by duplicate content issue?

        Assuming your 27 pages are pretty similar?

        1. 1

          No issues with duplicate content so far. I have enough data so that each page that's generated is just different enough that it's not flagged for duplicate content.

          I've had some issues with indexing, but this appears to be related to publishing a large amount of pages at once, and poor internal linking. Working on fixing both of those.

          1. 2

            Hey @Nicolas @allison, thanks! Love your blog post, super insightful! I believe part of the issue was also publishing a large amount of pages at once (didn't give any attention to this, 4k...), because I'm seeing more and more coverage each 3/4 days (went from 24 before pSEO, then 58, now 104).

            I'm still working on differentiating the pages with relevant content, will make progress along the way.

            1. 2

              Nice! Yep just give it some time, like 3 - 6 months probably and see where you stand. Strong internal linking, backlinks, and submitting pages to the Instant Indexing API will also help programmatic sites get pages indexed faster.

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    Programmatic SEO is something that really got me interested of late, I am still studying that, not implemented it for any website, but I follow this guy https://www.linkedin.com/in/ferenczkaszoni/ on Linkedin and he seems to have done some good work and experiements in this space. I'd be also curious to see how your effrots at using this bear fruits as it would be very inspiring and a learning experience.

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    Yes, I have :)

    It works for me and it can works for you. But you should be careful with it and do not forget about other SEO things on your website.

    My case is about covidcrossborders.com project. We built it with my friend in the mid 2021. The idea was to get all different countries in Europe and make a lot of similar articles like Are borders and flying open between Spain and France during covid?. We found few covid-APIs, code few scripts to generate images and articles. Then we started to publish bunches of articles (20–30 per day). After ~2–3 months we had about 100 visits per day from Google. We got few backlinks in comments on different websites (~10–15 at all) and thats all. This website started to work.

    Unfortunately we didn't had enough time to marketing this site and build a community around it. Moreover covid restrictions started to go off in different countries and people started to travel.

    But this case showed me that programmatic seo is a cool thing and can work if you can use it in a right way :).

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    The resources posted are really helpful!

  19. 1

    This thread (comments included) is so helpful. I just launched my first programmatic SEO project last month and I am struggling quite a bit with indexing, I thought it was just a matter of time but the latest google spam update actually de-indexed pages that had just started to appear in the SERP so it's a bit disheartening. Hopefully as I keep updating the content things will solve themselves.

  20. 1

    We have about >20K indexed pages, most of which are made programmatic. It takes "forever" in the fast-paced world, but the compound interest is growing. We are getting about 11K organic clicks from these every month.

    I must say that much effort is also being invested in high-quality, absolutely "manual" content - blog posts. Programmatic SEO is a great part of a robust strategy where applicable, but it's not a silver bullet.

    Also, not all the programmatically generated pages are indexed immediately, and there is a lot of work still. Slowly but steadily, all of those are being improved and enriched with unique content once we see the potential is growing.

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    Programmatic SEO (search engine optimization) is the method of mass-producing pages of content using a database, with the goal of ranking high in Google's search results for similarly-structured, long-tail keywords.
    So more details to contact on my site <a href="https://louloukaformula.com/">Loulouka Formula</a>

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    I would reduce the amount of generated content and only keep key points that would decrease the word count (which is not very relevant) and keep the content more useful, more original and easier to read.

  23. 1

    It takes time for Google to trust new pages. Try to write a blog post or a youtube video that generates real traffic of users to those programmatic SEO pages.

    And...yes, all those pages are the same. Google identifies pages using algorithms like LSH which works on keywords. Try to spin the content of those pages. Try GPT3 also.
    Programmatic SEO is an effort. There are services that you can pay for that.

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    Programmatic SEO can help you stand out online.
    We've seen how important SEO is to the online and digital marketing success of a business. By taking advantage of it, businesses can reach more people and make their websites more appealing to both potential customers and search engines.

    Programmatic SEO is a tool that makes sure you get as much value as possible. This value is known as a return on investment. It helps you figure out how useful your investment was by showing you what kinds of benefits you got from it.

    When it comes to the return on investment of SEO, a programmatic approach could be very profitable. This is because all kinds of optimization cost money to make work, but programmatic SEO costs the least. It only takes a small number of people to get it up and running, and once it's up and running, it doesn't need much help from people.

    In other words, you get to keep your employees and benefit from the money you put into this innovative form of SEO.

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    If you take the e-commerce direction, then there is very little difference between the products. So it would be nice to create different texts with relevant semantics.

  27. 1

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    Programmatic SEO is the use of software to automate the process of optimizing a website for search engines. It can help businesses save time and resources by automating tasks such as keyword research, link building, and content creation.
    There are a number of benefits of using programmatic SEO, including the ability to scale your SEO efforts, improve efficiency, and make the most of your data. When used correctly, programmatic SEO can be a powerful tool for driving traffic and improving your search engine ranking.

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    Programmatic SEO is the practice of generating many pages of content using templates that can dynamically insert data from a database with the goal of increasing organic traffic from long tail KWs.
    An example is creating a template that targets the main keyword phrase with many variations like “best WhatsApp Mod APK in (city)?” by publishing 1000 pages with dynamically inserted data about the sustainability data in 1000 different cities or towns. The result will be https://waapps.net/fmwhatsapp-apk
    Please correct me

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    For me, to solve this problem I think it is necessary to understand the functioning of Google.

    You have an AI that "reads" the content, so the parts that are not tags. For example in <h1> Title </h1> the AI will read only "Title".

    Then it has to understand the subject. For this it seems well that google uses an AI neural network with a LSTM type algorithm.

    To make it simple, you take a document and you tell to the machine what the subject is. You do this a lot of times so that the machine learns.

    Then if you just give the machine some text without telling it the subject, it will guess the subject.

    I think that's why google asks to put in the title tags the subject of the paragraph that follows. So, for the AI, an h2 will probably contain the subject of the paragraph that follows.

    And an h1 will probably contain the subject of the whole page.

    The amazing thing about this kind of algorithm is that you can change the words without changing the subject. So by modifying text with synonyms or with different sentences you have original text but still relevant for the AI.

    And the bottom line is that if you do reverse engineering you should be able to create content that is directly optimized for Google.

    This is the service I'm setting up!

  31. 1

    That's new for me! Thanks for looking forward to it
    Currently implementing the Google Tag Manager.

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    Very little content from page to page is unique. From the looks of it, there is a short description and then the numbers with the same description on each page for why the number is important. Google is smart, but at the end of the day Google is looking at raw HTML and if 80% of that HTML is the same from page to page, this can happen.

  33. 1

    Try your best to differentiate the content and use canonical tags properly to avoid duplication issues

  34. 1

    I have seen quite a good amount of Programmatic SEO implementation, since we can't trust big daddy "Google", as much uniqueness you can bring to the content layouts is better.

    One of the best implementations I have seen is- https://webflow.com/blog/programmatic-seo

    All the best, let's know the numbers once you implemented them.

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    We created an internal script that generates "programmatic SEO" based on the post/product's contents, tags, categories and other attributes. It definitely helped us with SEO, and helps with duplicate content. but as always, make sure your programmatic SEO is actually helpful to the user.

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    I recommend building content off of the "People Also Ask" sections in Google SERPs. There are a few great, programmatic ways to do this. Also, we just opened this up as a service for clients: https://www.growyourco.io/programmatic-seo-grow-your-co

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    I worked as an SEO for a few years back in the days. Some tips I can give you:

    • Try to have unique text on each page, roughly 300 - 800 words, if possible (there were some great auto content generators back in the day, today probably even better ones)
    • use recommendations like "people who like this also like that", which should create unique content on each page
    • Use pagination numbers in your meta title and <title> tags, if you have a paginated view
    • Use tools like ahrefs to find optimization potentials

    Besides on page SEO, the more important and time consuming part are backlinks. Try to build as many backlinks as possible with keywords you want people to find you and optimize your page according to those keywords. One link from a big site one of your pages can already have a big impact.

    Hope this helps you get started, but SEO is a complicated topic that needs a bit of trial and error to get good at.

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    The best example of programmatic SEO for me is starterstory.com
    Guy who is behing project Pat Walls has a lot of posts and detailed guides how he accomplished things there.
    You will even find entire framework - Lean SEO, how to apply same ideas.

  39. 1

    You need more external links to your site to get pages indexed. Google indexes based on quality, and measures quality primarily based on your link profile. That they indexed 50+ pages is a good start based on your current backlinks.

    Otherwise I think the execution is great.

    Are you getting a duplicate content warning in GSC by the way? Or is that an assumption?

    If you like I can give you a link building strategy and some pointers that could work for your site in this space. See my profile for contact.

  40. 1

    As I have used it for more than two months, Still I don't have any issues

    1. 1

      what do you mean?

  41. 1

    To have your pages rank successfully you should try to include as much as possible unique content or unique combinations of content. Avoid having only the keyword that you are trying to rank for change from page to page. I'll recommend you to build a dataset by scraping content related to your subject and include that data into your pages.

    I actually just launched https:://datatopage.com today an AIO tool for Programmatic SEO!

    I tried to include all the tools needed for Programmatic SEO in a single one. From data management, scraping, internal linking, to page generation

    Here you can see how I generated 5000 pages linked together in less than 20 min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaK3Bzm2GII

  42. 1

    10 days is not a lot to see anything. Where do you see "duplicate content" in google search console? I would probably consider to turn it more into a blog post with text (that describes the data points). You can also have some different phrases for the same thing.

    1. 1

      agreed on the 10 days haha, but wanted to address any pitfall early on (and there are some obviously, thanks to everyone!)

      but on GSC, (it states that on the screenshot I posted as the main image of my post), it shows 4k urls "excluded", the reason being "duplicate without canonical".

      Yes, thank you, will definitely work around some different templates paragraphs using the relying data, it make sense.

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    Use really meaningful synonyms, Do not use common Key phrases.
    The Best Way: Make your OWN Content.
    I have seen many sites which have done very nice work on programmatic SEO.
    You should visit this link.

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    1. 1

      Link building is one of the key requirement in SEO which you did by commenting this post along with the link

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    1. 1

      Hey - I'll check your ebook :)

      Thank you! Having a hard time doing direct sales, got a few clients, but I felt there are a lot of niches underserved and SEO could be a sustainable way to reach them.

      1. 1

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        1. 2

          hey - everyone shared a lost of resources and links in the comments!

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    This comment was deleted 21 days ago.

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    This comment was deleted 21 days ago.

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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