Experienced founder seeking dev co-founder for NLP startup

About the idea: For a long time I've had a really clear vision of this NLP-based B2B SaaS product focused on exploratory analysis of chat text. But not like enterprise "chat analytics" -- it's a very different kind of take on a real and unmet need in at least a handful of large industries with slightly different data but the same problem. After chewing on the idea for a few years, during which nobody seems to have built it, I'm thinking about giving it a try.

About me: This would be my third startup. #1: Travel, B2C, native app, failed to launch. #2: Legal Tech, B2B, SaaS web app, made $100K+, died of under-capitalization. Deep domain knowledge. Great systems thinker. Willing and able to grok technical subject matter Elon Musk style. OK self-taught Python developer. Pretty solid understanding of NLP. Marketing strategist and market researcher by day + law student by night + father = This is a side-hustle/lifestyle business until it's suddenly not and I can make only limited contributions to the code base but I'm game for everything else, and good at it.

About you: Python, Elasticsearch, and JS. Interested in graph data structures. Can grok applied NLP problems but maybe not really hard ones. At a place in life where you'd rather wrench on something promising in your free time than quit your job and eat ramen.

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    Hi, I am a NLP machine learning engineer, can work in my free-time. Would love to know your project and see if we can work something out. My email: angc3215@gmail.com

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    Hi, I have a similar background to you. It would be interesting to chat. Who knows where it will lead.

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      Cool. I don't see a way of getting in touch with you, but you're welcome to email me at the address in my profile.

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    This comment was deleted 17 days ago.

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