Experienced Marketer ($700k+) Looking For a Tech Cofounder

I just got finished with my last company which made ~$650,000 in 10 months and I'm looking to start my next.

At my last company, I would wake up every morning at 4am to create hundreds of different variations for my Facebook Ads, it was a HUGE pain and was extremely tedious/boring.

Everybody who uses FB ads at scale ($1k+/mo) also has this problem.

So I started AirAI, which is a tool that automatically creates and split tests Facebook Ads. We have a working beta of our copy generation (www.tryairai.com) that works VERY well.

Copy generation products aren't new, but currently there is only one that automatically imports them into FB.

Here is the time it takes to create 50 different ad copy variations and import them into FB:

Manual Split Testing: 1+ hour
CopyAI/JasperAI: 15 - 20 mins+
AirAI: less then 15 seconds...

(See comments for more info)

I have around 30+ people signed up for the free beta after spending about $100 on marketing to test the idea (I stopped in December, and I still have people signing up).

I will continue to invest my own funds into marketing until we can get funding.

I know a little python and can create the website, but I need a cofounder to continually help with the backend infrastructure and frontend JS.

I will also take care of the actual generation of the ads as I have marketing experience and can code.

If this sounds interesting, please email me here: c@tryairai.com

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    To elaborate on the differences between my competitors and I, look at these ads I created for my company as a test...

    Copy.AI: "AirAI is the first fully automated marketing platform. It's perfect for small and medium businesses because it creates stunning ads, handles the social media channels and can run them with minimal human interaction."

    I'm starting to fall asleep by the first sentence, every company claims to create stunning ads. It's not unique to the prospect. This sounds like it was written by an AI. Extremely boring.

    More examples: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mPAHUTVsZz7_kQWevWyBJriDDctOMtOxK1y_z1SwF3A/edit?usp=sharing


    If you don't know how to write compelling ad copy, then most of your ads on platforms like Facebook and Google wont perform well, resulting in poor performance and wasted ad budget.

    Heres how we fix this: We can use AirAI to optimize our ad copy, so that it is tailored to the audience that is most likely to engage with the advertisement.

    AirAIs optimizer uses AI to compare existing copy to real world examples of high-performing ad copy and automatically rewrites to produce an ad that performs better.

    This allows us to increase the effectiveness of our ads and adjust the ad copy dynamically depending on the results.

    The result? A targeted, high-performing ad with an improved cost-effective return.

    Click below to learn how to write effective ad copy and maximize your digital marketing ROI.

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      I sent you a message, your tool looks pretty cool

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      It sounds like you're looking for a contractor/freelance for backend and frontend?

      I can help with that, what's the best way to send you my contact info?

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        Hey! Sorry, I was looking for a cofounder.

        If interested, message me here: c@tryairai(dot)com

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    Hi! Write me via email. We have a great CTO
    Mail: partnership@crystalogic.net

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