Find Your Relationship Score on Rice Purity Test

What is the rice purity test?

The rice purity test Create as a survey of a hundred questions at Rice University, Houston, Texas. It is a self-graded survey that assesses the supposed degree of innocence in sex, drugs, deceit, and another activity assumed to be vices.

It was a way for university seniors to see how innocent the incoming influx of students would be. The test grades various people using a percentage scale, with 0 percent being the few pure and 100 percent being the Purest.
You may visit: https://ricepurity.org/

It used to be voluntarily tested by all new students bonding with other similar students. Online purity tests were among the Newest and internet memes, famous on Usenet beginning in the early 1980s.

However, the same types of tests circulated under various names big before the internet - with Colombia University producing a survey in 1935, print in campus humor magazine, The Jester.

All rice purity test exists for fun between friends - and it went viral during the coronavirus lockdown 2021. How does the rice purity test work?

This test purity comprises 100 questions on aspects such as sex, crime, and drugs. Finally requiring a yes or no answer to a list of hundred Have you ever questions.

Users of the survey are asked to simply tick a box for everything they have done before the test generates a score.

The Story Behind All the Innocence Quizzes in the History

Most experts believe that RU students invented the innocence quizzes as we know them now. They generated the Rice Purity Test back in 1924 (almost a century ago). And their point was to determine which students have had a naughtier campus life.

However, the questionnaire went popular fast. And it was published in several magazines, school newspapers, etc. Since there was no internet back then, the questions were hard to find. However, the test stood the test of time and became viral again in 2020!

Of course, some say the world’s first purity test was created in the 1980s. They believe that it was MIT students who made an MIT Test-like questionary to assess others’ goodness. (But that remains a mystery to this day).

The Point of Taking the Purity Test of Rice

Honestly, there’s no real point. It’s a questionary to have fun. However, people use it for various purposes. (See below). Just to know how naughty you are
Don’t you wonder who immoral you are? Do others believe that you’re a polite person while you don’t think so? Well, take the Rice Purity Test and prove it.

Show off
Are you proud of your weird and immoral experiences? Do you believe in being a bad boy/girl? That’s okay; our test can reveal how to disorient you are. It’s an excellent way to show off your impishness.
Joining Twitter trend

Twitter users are sharing their scores these days. And the Rice Purity Test is a trend right now. So, if you want to join the trend and share YOUR pureness with others, take the quiz right now. QuizExpo lets you share the results directly to your Twitter feed.

Recalling your spicey memories
Are you settled down? Have you stopped those naughty acts of teenagerhood? Well, that sounds a-okay.

But what do you say to recall some of those memories? Don’t you want to look back and smile at all the things you have done as a teen? If yes, you should take the Rice Purity Test ASAP.

Messing with your friends
Send the link to your friends. Ask them to take the test and share the results in your chat groups. It’s a fun way to mess with your pals. You can also play a truth-or-dare game based on these questions. That could make things even more interesting.

What does the score you get on the rice purity test mean?
The higher your score, the purer you are, with "unspeakable" acts damaging your score the most.

A score of 100% is the purest, while a score of 0% is the very least pure.
As the test’s designers say: “In other words, using methamphetamine is a little more immoral than holding hands, and this test reflects that."

Since then, many different tests were created in other universities, workplaces, and online. All of them will tell you how impure you are, judging by the set of experiences in your life. Some are more drastic than others, so it all comes down to taking it lightly and not judging a person by these results alone. One test will call you impure if you don’t help the elderly to cross the street, while another will deem you a “good boy” even if you do something illegal.

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