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Full stack developer looking to build an MVP for a B2B business

I've built several web apps, mainly in Django and ReactJs. I'm also good with AWS, Docker, postgres, Linux, and python. Check out my Twitter for the two SaaS businesses I currently run.

I'm really only interested in B2B right now.

Happy to hop on a call.

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    Hey Michael - Botsheets looks very cool! If you're interested in the B2B space I think we should chat.

    I just got a small round of funding. I'm tackling one of the biggest industries, and I've validated the problem through unscalable processes. As a non-technical founder, I'm looking for a technical partner. If you're interested in learning more, you can email me at joe@profs.co - Profs is NOT the company. I'll share more on a call! Hope to hear from you!

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