Full stack marketer looking for tech partner

Endless websites, videos + copywriting projects later... I'd still love to find an eagerly eager builder like me, but with the technical prowess.

A technical partner, that I can enjoy building a side project with together.

Basic Idea
I have a very humble idea to recreate the subscribe form, think Opt-In Monster for Indie Hackers. I'm envisaging it working either with Netlify Functions, as a React component, or just vanilla JS. Something super simple, slick and non-intrusive that's adopted by blogs that actually care about their audience.

Like how Commento is an alternative to Disqus. I have more to say, but I'll keep it short.

Why you'll want to work with me
You can trust me to handle the positioning, marketing site, branding, tone... I code websites, make videos and write copy for startups... I'd love to create something we'd be proud to share.

I'm based around London, but I work remotely and will happily collab with someone around the world.

Technical requirements
I'm not completely clear. Something lovely and simple, tiny in size and private by nature. Built using your choice of the latest tech stack... something that gives you a side project we can both enjoy working on + exploring in '23.

Reach out if it sounds interesting, I'd love to hear about you!

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    Hi Rufus,

    I'm young full-stack developer working in IT for 8 years, but passionate about it for many more!

    If you are interested hit me up we can schedule meeting to let each other know better.

    I'm currently building quickg.eu and maintaining many other side projects :)

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      Hey @aykon! That's cool - great to see what you're building.

      Would love to jump on a call, how's best to connect?

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        You can write me message on Twitter and then we can pick an communication channel 😃

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    Interested! I'm a full-stack dev with almost a decade of experience and have a few platforms I've created (but havent gotten around to marketing properly). Looking forward to discussing further.

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      Eager to hear about the platforms you've built. Can't see any linked through your IH profile. Where can I learn more / reach out?

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    @Rufusdenne, here is an idea, instead of looking for someone to start building, you could find something that is already built, that you like, and that you could help take off.

    I'm looking for a marketing/sales partner(s). Just in case, It's this, https://ecardify.io
    Best of luck.

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      Sure ! This absolutely works both ways I agree, and I'd like to spend some time in 2023 collaborating. The key for me though, is collaborating with someone who shares an appreciation for the same types of tech + problem solving.

      I've found a lot of my friends are creatives + similar to me, so a big part of this post isn't just building a cool new tool... it's actually being able to work with someone with a completely different skillset so we can both bring things to the table and learn from the process.

      Thanks for the note + allowing me to elaborate on my post!

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    Hey @Rufusdenne, your idea sounds interesting, i would love to help you build it.
    I've been looking to get into a new project but don't have good marketing skills so this is perfect.
    DM so we can chat more about the project.

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    Hey @Rufusdenne, We have a few products shipping atm and they are ready to be marketed to the niches.

    We are a group of entrepreneurs (Builders, Marketers & Angels) shipping products.

    Send me a DM so we can have a chat ;)

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    Hi @Rufusdenne,

    I am not available for the next 3-4 months, but I am also eager on finding a marketer partner for different projects I would like to build.
    I am always keen on building projects. I have built a football edutainment platforms and a recently a tinder-like, shapr-like entrepreneurship networking app (https://www.teamup-entrepreneurs.com/). For both app, a marketer expert would have been a huge plus.
    I am not yet a confirmed developer, I am junior JS dev (vuejs/reactjs/react native). I am also confirmed lowcode dev with solutions like Bubble.
    Let's exchange our Linkedin or phone numbers to keep in touch, we can discuss all that once I free myself.
    Anyway, best of luck for your current project!! 💪🏾

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      Thanks @nassimezz and congratulations on the networking app.

      Keep pushing on + keep in touch!

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    Hi Rufus,

    HireFullStackDeveloperIndia caters to engineering support for a wide spectrum of technological frameworks. We specialize in requirements-based as well as end-to-end, full-stack software development support- for businesses that need bespoke, built-to-scale, web and mobile app development and support services.

    Let's connect for a better exchange of thoughts: https://bit.ly/3Fovcmn

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    Hi @Rufusdenne

    Once I lost about 18 months trying to find a co-founder when my co-founders ditched me back in 2008 (I eventually took the company to a successful Exit). I believe it's a bit easier to find co-founders these days.

    But if you get stuck, give me a shout out. I am in Manchester, UK.

    I run Techcelerate https://techcelerate.ventures. Once joined we can provide access to a fractional CTO and if you wish, his development team.

    If you want to keep the costs down, then you can get unlimited free talent from https://skilledup.life once subscribed.

    With the two combined, the options are:

    1. Fractional CTO and his team
    2. Fractional CTO and Free talent from SkilledUp Life.

    You could of course, find all the free talent you need from SkilledUp Life, which gives you a third option.

    Just an alternative in case you get stuck. I wish you all the best.

    Best regards

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    Hi @Rufusdenne, I am Saud Khan the CEO & Tech lead of Brainspk. I've a very talented team of 30 and the good thing is that I am looking for a Full Stack Marketer. Using my Technical skills and your marketing skills, we can collab on a lot projects and ideas.

    Let me know if you're interested.

    Saud Khan,

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    Hi @Rufusdenne
    I recommend hiring for tech cofounders/developers through Githired.
    With Githired you can search for your project idea(s) on Github, and use the Githired chrome extension to get in contact with the vetted developers on any relevant projects that match what you're trying to build. That way, you get to partner with skilled developers who have already worked on your project before, and would bring their passions/failures/successes to your partnership! Check it out: https://bit.ly/githired_devs

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      Thanks for the note + link! I'll check it out.

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