Google add-on for SEO


I want to introduce you Unlimited Sheets, a Google Spreadsheet add-on that adds advanced SEO custom functions.

It has been built with my brother 💪

Unlimited Sheets URL: https://unlimitedsheets.com/

I'm sharing the journey on twitter 🐦 (https://twitter.com/AMascort17)

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    i can use this on my website. but I hear that it makes the website slow. is it true?
    you can check here is my website https://dartboard.reviews/
    i can use this

    1. 1

      It won't affect your website performance, it can complement you during seo tasks!

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    Thanks for sharing Alejandro! It's a unique idea, I couldn't imagine that you can use sheets for SEO.

    1. 1

      Thank you! We will add more functions in the future! 💪

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    I think you need write everything in more simple language and you need more clear value proposition, because at this moment it's little bit confused.

    Check out the kit; it contains some advice that, in my opinion, will be quite helpful to you - https://www.indiehackers.com/post/the-all-in-one-toolkit-to-validate-and-kick-off-your-startup-47996beace

    1. 1

      Thank you for the feedback!
      I'll check it and visualize how can we simplify the value proposition info! 💪

      1. 2

        Good luck in your journey!

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    How does it work? Where do you use this? On the Spreadsheet itself? Why would anyone use SEO a spreadsheet?

    Assume I am an idiot as I cannot understand the use case. @Alejandromc23

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      hahaha is a good question Manoj!

      This add-on adds new custom functions to your google sheets, some functions provided are:

      • Extract monthly search volume
      • Scrape HTML using regex
      • Get related queries from a seed
      • Calculate the traffic run rate for the current month of the next one

      And many more!

      1. 2

        I still have no clue. Is there a demo video?

        E.g. where do you extract monthly search volume from?

        Is this like a browser plugin that can extract data from the website you are on and populate a spreadsheet?

        1. 1

          It's a google extension that provides you custom functions for google sheets, let me show you how 👀

          Video showing how to install it:

          Video showing how to use a function:

          1. 1

            Thank you. But what would it do for me? How would it help a website such as https://skilledup.life - free talent for tech startups (once subscribed)?

            I'm definitely an SEO idiot!

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    What does it do?

    SEO is very broad?

    1. 1

      Hey Josh!

      It provides you new custom functions to perform SEO operations and other custom functions on google sheets.

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    Thanks for the amazing information admin.

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