Have you also noticed a drop in traffic like us?

Hey Indiehackers,

We launched LaunchPedia on Product Hunt recently and got a huge spike in traffic for those 2 days. We got 1000+ new visitors from the Product Hunt website and its newsletter.

But, one week later, the traffic on our website is almost dead.

Have you also experienced something similar?
If so, What are the things you did to get traffic to your website after Product Hunt launch?

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    Yeah, I wouldn't really call this a drop in traffic, more of a spike in traffic because of the PH launch :) Now you're back down to your normal volume!

    1. 1

      Makes sense, very well put 🔥

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    That's expected, no? If you hit any front page of an aggregation site (PH, HN) you will see an uptick, but this quickly fades. Over time you might see a bit more traffic tickling in, but that's about it.

    Time to get serious with your marketing efforts? :)

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      Yeah, that's right.

      I'm looking for options to get traffic in the short term while focusing on SEO & social media parallelly.

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        Focusing on "getting traffic short term” (aka low quality visitors) sounds like a waste to me. I would rather focus on sales instead. Or if you already have some content at hand, focus on link building.

        All more work for sure and doesn't bring in the satisfaction of looking at current visitors on your site, but wáy more impactful for your business.

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    You expected traffic to just stay high once you're off the front page? 😂

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