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Operations Assistant

Recurse Center
Remote (US remote)
$50,000 per year

This is a full-time role that can be done remotely from anywhere in the US. It could be a great fit for you if you want an administrative job (with good benefits and supportive colleagues!) that has a positive impact, while leaving you enough creative and intellectual energy to pursue your interests outside of work.

Please see our blog post for all the details. Excerpts below.

About this role

By helping to operate and improve RC, you can have a huge impact on our small but steadily growing community. Your work at RC may not change the world, but it will change individual people’s lives.

Your daily responsibilities will be a collection of important operational work. Concretely, this includes:

  • Data entry to keep our internal database of job posts updated. The core of our business is matching our alums with compelling jobs. We can't suggest roles we don't know about, nor do we want to suggest roles that are no longer open.
  • Answering emails from people applying or recently admitted to RC.
  • Classifying transactions (in QuickBooks) and managing invoices (in FreshBooks) to make sure we get paid and have an accurate view of our company finances.
  • Coordinating with colleagues, partner companies, and our accountants to handle administrative work.

While varied, all this work has some important things in common: its value is clear; it's well-defined so you can easily see when you're finished; and it stays at work, so you can shift your focus to the rest of your life when you sign off for the day or weekend.

A collaborative environment with supportive colleagues

We work hard to foster a culture that’s collaborative, trusting, and thoughtful. Here are some things you’ll find working at RC:

  • Clear company-wide goals and the reasoning behind them. You’ll have an understanding of what we’re trying to accomplish together and why.
  • Our belief in self-direction isn't only for Recursers, it also influences how we approach our own work. At RC, you’ll have the freedom and the responsibility to decide how to structure your time and work.
  • Weekly one-on-ones to give and receive regular feedback and help you work through frustrations or challenges with your work.
  • Organizational transparency. You will have access to whatever information about RC you want, from how much money we made last month to our bank balance.
  • A culture of direct, but kind and constructive feedback. This helps us quickly resolve disagreements and work together more effectively.
  • A writing review stream in our private chat and an accompanying culture of review. We copyedit and review all our writing, from blog posts to tweets.

Good work-life balance and benefits

All of us at RC work hard and care deeply about what we do. At the same time, all of us have lives and loved ones outside of work, and we know you do, too.

We strive to have a culture that supports our employees to do their best work in a sustainable way, so that all of us can contribute effectively over the long run. Here are some of the things you’ll find here to help with this:

  • Full health, vision, and dental insurance. RC covers 100% of the premium for the standard plans for all employees, as well as their partners and families. RC also pays the full premium for basic life insurance.
  • A 401k. RC contributes 3% on top of your salary to a 401k for you regardless of how much or even if you choose to contribute yourself.
  • Three months of paid parental leave, which you can take within a year of having or adopting a child.
  • 15 days of vacation (we effectively have unlimited vacation, but we have a number to make sure people actually take it), a 10-day winter holiday (Dec 23 to Jan 1), and nine additional holidays. We also have five days for personal development, which you can use for anything that supports your personal and professional goals and growth.
  • Flexible hours. You can choose any eight consecutive hours with five or more hours of overlap with 9am-5pm ET (most of the team works 9am-5pm or 10am-6pm ET).

What we’re looking for in candidates

These are the criteria we think are essential for success in this role and which we'll be evaluating during interviews:

  • You understand what this job is (and isn't) and want to do it. We want to hire someone who's happy doing this and who won't want to leave in six or 12 months.
  • You're detail-oriented. You're careful, learn from your mistakes, and care about doing a good job.
  • You're trustworthy. You're honest, ethical, and able to deal with sensitive data responsibly.
  • You communicate clearly. You can express yourself clearly in conversation and text, and you can write clear, error-free emails with a conversational but professional tone.
  • You're open to feedback and know (or can quickly learn) the core skills for doing this work. You need to be comfortable using and learning how to use a range of software tools.
  • You're intellectually curious. This helps with almost any type of work, but more importantly, it's a key part of our company culture.
  • You understand RC and want to help make it successful. This doesn't need to be your life’s mission but you do need to understand what RC is, how your work contributes to its success, and want to be part of a thriving team.

We also have some logistical requirements:

  • You need to have US work authorization and work from one of the 50 US states (we're unfortunately unable to sponsor visas for this role).
  • Your work day has at least five hours of overlap with 9am-5pm ET.
  • You're fully vaccinated. All RC employees must be fully vaccinated, even if remote (we still meet up in-person sometimes).

Lastly, it's great if you have some experience or familiarity with any of the following: bookkeeping, support, data entry, recruiting, marketing, the tech industry, or the world of computer programming. But none of these things are necessary and you can be a strong candidate without any of them.

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