How do you grow your Twitter?

I've been doing my best to share interesting tweets and drive users to the product via Twitter. Even though I've been quite consistent, most of my tweets have graphics, I've been tagging people and using hashtags the account doesn't seem to gain any followers (reference: https://twitter.com/companiestools)

Let's share some experience on how you were able to grow your Twitter account

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      Interesting tips, thanks!

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    Echo this - suspect that some of it has to do with the type of content/product you are trying to build exposure for. Some spaces are flashy and some are boring and stodgy.
    We're in the financial planning and scenario analysis space - trust me - hard for a 48 year old guy like me to create a splash when doing a video on cashflow.

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    I've been lucky to go from 200 to ~700 in 2-3 weeks, and what worked for me was sharing visuals of what I'm working on. And not just stills, but videos with music.

    Some tweets got ~500 likes (like this one or that one) and I did spend a fair amount of time on those. Those helped a lot.

    But then, there were some others where I spent lot of time too and they did not echo, which is totally fine of course.
    So I'm still trying to find a balance and post more regularly, with some which would be more spontaneous.

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      So you're investing a lot more time in content that I assumed I need. Interesting, I'll try that

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    Struggling with the same issue Arsen.
    I get the sense people are a little burned out from social media after some traumatic events that happened and still happen in the world.

    I see accounts with thousands of followers get 15,20 likes and so on.

    Honestly, it might be a good thing. People need more meaningful connections.

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    Twitter is tough! I've been on Twitter since 2008 and have been pretty active for the past 5 years. I have 1,619 followers 😂. I'm always amazed at people who grow to thousands of followers.

    Tony Dinh has done a great job growing to over 37k followers. He has also built several tools around Twitter growth.

    Another great strategy is to ask for followers by posting your Twitter link like this: https://twitter.com/Tim_Leland :)

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    In order to gain followers on a platform, especially on Twitter, you need to arouse curiosity in potential followers.
    And to do that you have to ask yourself this few questions:

    • What kind of people i want to reach?
    • What added value I bring through my tweets?

    I think that's the first steps you have to pass if you want to grow your account.

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    Engage with others, and try to be helpful.

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    First, growing a product, rather then personal account is certainly harder. Second, I haven't find anything interesting on your timeline.

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