How Locofy AI got 2000+ organic signups in a single day from Product Hunt

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    Thanks for sharing! And definitely agree on not focusing too much on upvotes. Though I think doing so can be helpful in other ways. If upvotes help you get product of the day, having that badge can be a good form of social proof that keeps on giving even after your launch.

    We got #2 product of the day with Evoke (also an AI tool, but more geared towards devs), and although the conversions were not great, getting high on PH has cascading benefits.

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      Congrats Richard, you rock! 🤟
      Wish me good luck for the launch of Chatbot Design Studio on Feb 9th: https://www.producthunt.com/products/chatbot-design-studio-by-tiledesk

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        All the best. Feel free to DM me on twitter once you launch. Will be more than glad to support: https://twitter.com/TheRealEtch

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          thank you for the support 🙏🏼

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        All the best for your launch Michel! Signed up for the notification and looking forward 🔥

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      Agree on that, Richard! The Product Hunt badge is a fantastic social proof no doubt. By the way, Congrats on ranking #2 of the day for Evoke. I followed your launch yesterday & loved what you're building there. Would you be interested in being a guest on our newsletter? I would love to interview you about your Evoke launch.

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        Yes, I'd be more than happy to be a guest on your newsletter. Feel free to DM me on twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRealEtch

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          Cool. Sent you a dm🤞

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    Thanks for sharing! If done well, PH its an awesome source of traffic

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      Exactly. PH is one of the best places for validating your startup and getting feedback.

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