How our b2b startup got 240 paying customers in 3 weeks. Our experience of selling Lifetime Deal

The times when it was possible to create a useful service, wait for people to find it themselves and start using it, are long gone. Now companies spend a lot of effort, time, and money on finding new customers, engaging them, and collecting feedback.

I want to share the story of how we came up with a way to get more than 240 users interested in our product — those who invested in checking it out, figuring out how it works, and giving recommendations on how to improve the service.

Please read the full article on medium.

If you want to follow our journey and check the progress of the company in real-time, consider following me on twitter.

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    This is so insightful, so good to see your growth!

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    Thanks for the article. And congrats!

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    Thank you for sharing this experience.
    Was the primary objective to get some first feedback?
    Or was the aspect of making money on the lifetime deals an important motivation?

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    it's very helpful. Thank you for sharing. i'm just launched edocAPI platform, i will try to follow your approach and get you a feedback.

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    It's a good article.

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    I'm curious on your take on how to approach LTDs if your operating costs are expensive per user usage?

    As an example, I've a product that costs $0.50 per API call as an example. So I charge monthly with credits to ensure that the unit economics are feasible.

    An LTD of even, say, $10K would not be enough if a user make 100K API calls over the course of their lifetime.

    I am wondering if there's a way for LTDs to be a great deal (i.e. much less expensive than buying from website) but with limited usage? Perhaps, by limiting credits, and then if the user likes the service, they can pay for the real thing on the website.

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      How LTD's most often work (eg. on AppSumo) is that you make a loss on the LTD, but make a profit through what follows: word of mouth, affiliates, ...all sorts of virality. It's risky, but can work well if the product and audience match nicely.

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    Great Article... well explained and directed

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    Congrats Andrey!

    I've seen founders launch a SaaS product first on Producthunt, get initial feedback and only once they've tweaked the final offering do they start offering LTDs on platforms like AppSumo.

    What made you go for the opposite? Is it a mega launch thing that you're planning on PH?

    1. 2

      We are working in a competitive market and currently have almost no audience (I appreciate 400 followers on my twitter, but that's not a lot 😀). With this data, we have no chance to be successful on ProductHunt in my opinion.

      That is why we decided to start with AppSumo and then launch on PH. Will be interesting to see if this bet works out😊

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        @AndreyNovikov Would like to get in touch, understand your business a bit more, also understand niche sector that you're in.

        We are currently sending invites to saas startups that have active users & & Mrr.

      2. 1

        Great insights. We are also planning to launch on PH, but also worry that without an existing audience, PH launch will fail miserably.

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    It was useful article for me. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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    nice can you give me tips of how to grow app agency

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    that's helpful. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  12. 2

    This is extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing your journey

  13. 2

    Really impressive congratulations 🎉

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    Thanks for sharing! I've had a similar experience -- AppSumo has been great for attracting early users/enthusiasts that give invaluable feedback.

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    Hey, congrats! I wonder how many users you had totally after launching this campaign (I mean newly registered users coming from AppSumo)? Thanks!

    1. 1

      Almost all people who bought a deal on AppSumo signed up on the platform (they needed to activate their ltd).

      90% of them tested our platform and created at least one campaign for collecting video testimonials (that what our service does)

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    Really interesting to see that

  17. 2

    Why haven't you consider PorductHunt for the launch?

    1. 1

      Yes, we are planning to launch on PorductHunt in a few weeks!

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        Do you thinks it’s best advice to launch in multiple LTD channels at once ?

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    Well done, @AndreyNovikov! I really appreciate you taking the time to share all of this.

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    Our approach is FREE plan for individuals and Paid plans for Businesses.

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    That's just amazing! We launched clickable.so this week and have around 300 signups that are qualified. Hoping the product is good enough for them to stay ;)

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    Just want to ask how you approached first 100 customers to try your product ? Does having revenue is your 1st priority ?

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    Thank you Andrey for a super article.
    So nice of you to take the time to share your 'thinking behind' and not just a glam version of events. Much appreciated AND bookmarked for future reference ;-)

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    getting leads for the SAAS business is difficult you have done the right way and get the good leads in short time.

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    Hi Andrey, such a great job!

    I wish one day i'll wake in the world where it'll be possible to get 240 paying users for our project, but in case of SaaS for mobile apps instead of websites situation for now is a bit more tricky.

    Does anybody heared about successful launches with such mechanics when your customers is mobile apps?

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    That's awesome! but do you know how to get 100 custmers if you are crypto payment provider?thanks

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    wow that is cool! Congrats!

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    That's awesome! Congratulations!
    LTDs seem very powerful.
    Just to add a later perspective to it: Are they only useful for upcomming/growing startups or are they for every stage of your project? I'd guess that it's mostly for growing projects, but change my mind.

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    Lifetime Deal for the initial acquisition and loyalty benefits, what an incredible strategy. And the way AppSumo helped you scale, is worth considering. Thank you for this.

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    Can I know what is the metrics or any guidelines to be referred to when setting the price of the LTD? Like do we need to refer to the current MRR and set a reasonable price based on the next 3 years of revenue prediction?

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    Optimist vs pessimist: Which one is better? The answer may not be as clear-cut as you believe. While research shows that optimists are happier, have better health, and do better at school and sports[1], there are advantages to pessimism that may surprise you.

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    Excellent article. Here's a question, how do you factor in the cloud hosting costs when you give away a lifetime deal?

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      IMHO - I think the smart way to look at using LTD's on sites like Appsumo. Is to see them as tools for feedback, idea validation and testimonials. NOT as revenue opportunities as such. So the long term cost of the offer, you should absorb as part of your development/marketing cost. That's how I plan to use it anyway.

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    This is so incredibly dope. I read this on Medium and was super impressed. I've only ever utilized two business models myself, but i'm intruiged by the idea of a lifetime deal up front. Seems like the best possible way to simultaneously get new user interest, get product feedback from the start, and get some cash in the bank to keep hope alive .lol. Nicely done @AndreyNovikov

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    Hey Andrey,

    You said:

    “ At the same time, we work with heavy video files that need to be stored, converted, and distributed around the world, and because of it, we can’t afford to sell an LTD for a product with all the features that come with a regular subscription. As a compromise, we created a version that will satisfy most users but has little advertising for our service. ”

    What was the solution?

    We also working on a service that has to store video files. I’m afraid in the long run LTD may become not that profitable.

    What is the average life cycle of LTD per user?

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    How can I create a post here? This popup appears every time I try
    ( you can't create posts yet.) what can I do?

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    That's really smart! Thanks for sharing!

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    do you offer LTD on your website as well (I couldn't find it there) or that option was for appsumo only? and how did you calculate with LTD amount?

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    Thanks for your advice! Im curious now that you are at 240 active users, what you would have done differently from 0-100 user stage?

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    Did you get a lot of people who tried out the service first (if you have a trial or freemium tier) before they bought the ltd?
    I always do that with AppSumo deals, and it's saved me from some bad purchases.
    It'd lead to a pretty interesting dynamic where together with a lot of sales, you also see a lot of new bottom tier signups that are then abandoned.

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    @AndreyNovikov, congrats on your first paying users

    from my notes, another video testimonials platform, VideoPeel, launched their LTD back in 2020 and got over $100K in total revenue and 39 reviews - revenue is not confirmed, it's my forecast

    Screenshot from VideoPell - The Appsumo breakdown


    1. have you promoted your LTD anywhere else than on Appsumo?
    2. have you tried upselling them?
    3. have you tried getting some reviews from these users to post them on G2, Trustpilot, etc.?
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    Love it, congrats!
    LTDs are a great way to get some runway. Now use that $$$ to grow your MRR :)

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    Awesome result for a marketplace listing, congratulations. We still did not try out AppSumo, and are now finishing up our deal with PitchGround. Can't say we were super satisfied with the result though :(

    The ones who did buy it turned out to be enthusiast for the long run and are committed to even paying for bigger plans, so in that regard, it actually went pretty well.

    1. 2

      Thanks for sharing! There is not a lot of information about an experience with PitchGround from founders’ perspective.

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