How this ultra-niche job board makes $62k/mo

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    Appreciate the way you told your story since your first steps! Also, I have family members who live in Japan (not devs though) and can definitely see why it can be difficult to find a well fitting job while being a foreigner. Congratulations to you and your wife, I felt incredibly inspired by this!

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    What a great read. Thanks for sharing!

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    Great read! Thank you so much!

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    Valuable information! Thanks for sharing.

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    I particularly appreciated the two bits of serendipity: 1) That you built the "wrong" thing (the list of good companies) but this ended up being helpful in getting a relationship with indeed and 2) that you were able to use your own company as customer #1. I guess this is a good lesson that you don't need to (or maybe can't) figure it all out in advance.

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    absolutely amazing story
    thanks for sharing with us

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    This is the best article I've ever read on this site. Clear, detail and most values

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    Great read. Wonder if there are any markets like Japan where a lot of expats look for work...

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    Hey. This is one of the best reads I’ve seen on this site.

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    Great story and super resilience!

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    Hey, https://www.indiehackers.com/product/remote-frontend-jobs founder here. I love your job board!
    Would you be willing to let us show your remote job posts in both https://remotefrontendjobs.com and https://remotebackendjobs.com?
    I only need your permission and will try setting it up in the background :)

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    Wow! That's amazing.

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    Very inspirational! Thank you!

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    Fantastic! Really great to read how you adapted your business and used the data to mold your product to fit the market!

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    Great read & source of inspiration. Very well done to both of you!

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    Such a great read. Very inspirational!

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    This was a fascinating read!
    Interesting how the author overcame the 'chicken and egg problem'.
    Also, a recommended read for anyone, whose revenue stream is dependent on their customers being honest with them, as a couple of interesting control mechanisms are mentioned here.

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    great keep up your work? I like your idea? how we can generate ideas like this?

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    Nice article, I loved that it goes into all the details on how the business runs.

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    Great article, I like that it goes into all the details on how the business is runed.

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    Great and detailed story! Motivational indeed. Congrats and tks.
    In the end, it seems many bootstrapped stories really stick to 'your main goal is not to quit'

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    I actually had this idea but for Australian contractors! Good to see it's doable!

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    That's a cool story. Quitting your job for it, got me the most. 👍👍👍

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    It's sort of how legal firms offer "no win, no fee". It's interseting how things are more normalised in one industry, yet more unique in another. But that also gives people the opportunity to offer that something new.

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    I like this story! This couple just research market, found some special things on it and understood how they can hack it and offer better solution. Awesome :)

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    Japan is a country of 128 million or something, so rather underserved than ultra-niche. But indeed a niche achievement 🙌🏻. Wonder if let’s itself copy to other countries? Brazil? Nigeria? Egypt? Bangalore? Indonesia? Vietnam?

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      Japan is a country of 128 million or something, so rather underserved than ultra-niche.

      I would count only foreigners who want a job in Japan. That's the whole user base of the website based on my first impression

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      I'm not sure that other countries will work the same because Japan has some specific on HR-market as it says in this article. I think you need to do some research before going to another country with this product.

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