How to Find a CTO for Your Startup

When building a startup, you have many options for software development. Whether you hire a team of developers, outsource to an agency, or find a CTO.

While all of these options are viable, if you find a CTO with the right tech expertise, you’ll have gained a key player to help you succeed.

But remember, if you pick the wrong CTO you won’t survive long – you may not even make it to launch.

I bet you keep hearing that “Finding your dream CTO is not easy”.

It’s true; it takes a lot of time and commitment. That’s why many founders spend years looking for the perfect person for the job, my co-founder included.

When he first started founding startups, he experienced the hurdles of finding a CTO first-hand. Over the last 14 years, he built many projects. It took him more than 30 months and more than 300 headaches before finding the right guy for the job.

But when he found him, the guy nailed it. And he kept on nailing it.

Usually, the conflict is: You want to start building your MVP as soon as possible, so you might feel tempted to commit to the first decent option you find.

On the other hand, you know this is one of the most crucial decisions you will make as a non-tech founder.

There are certain traits to look out for as you try to find a CTO. Many wannabe CTOs will display the same characteristics. This includes overpromising and underdelivering on a massive scale - but more on that later.

We’ve taken my co-founders' experience building six startups, advising dozens and working with many startup founders at Altar.io, and identified the vital qualities every CTO should embody.

And the process that will help you find the perfect CTO for your startup.

The whole story is shared on our blog: https://altar.io/how-to-find-a-cto-for-your-startup-the-founders-guide/

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