How to Learn Copywriting as a Beginner

I want to upskill my self and learning about Copywriting.
Most Freelancers are earning thousands of dollar with Copywriting.
What are the incredible sources of Learning Copywriting.

Do you have any recommendations, Share with Me.

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    • Read a great copy
    • Extract a bullet list of keywords from the copy
    • Write a new copy using just the bullets
    • Compare against the original

    Repeat for 21 copies.

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    You only need "The Boron Letters"! Hope so you enjoy it.

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    Maybe checkout the copywriting forum on reddit. From what I have seen it is active and has more than a few professional copywriters.

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    I would say - read more books and try summarizing them in a blog post.

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    For writing non-fiction in general, I’d give On Writing Well a read. It will make you a better writer.

    That said, “because I want to earn thousands of dollars” may not be the motivation to get you where you want to be, as opposed to “I really like to write good stuff and want to make a living out of it.”

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