I am a backend developer and looking to have some fun!

I am a software developer and I am looking for some who has got some interesting ideas and wants to partner up, or hire me why not!

I have experience in python, java and c++ and other tech!
I am willing to learn new things and to start a startup career!

Contact me on this email arnicii081@gmail.com

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    Hi @vasiok!

    Seems like your programming background is solid. I am looking for a partner to build subscription based cloud uptime/security monitoring solution for startups and growing companies. There are lack of custom-made products out there.

    Let me know if interested!

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      Hey Bugzz,
      can you share me your email ? Or can you send me an email? Thanks!

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    Hi, I would love to have a chat with you. We are currently seeking to add an additional tech co-founder to our team. We are looking into how to leverage Blockchain and NFT for the mental health sphere.

    If you are open to explore further, email me at jackal2912@gmail.com


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    Looking forward the interaction ⚡I am reachable by mail. Thanks ; )

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    @vasiok what kind of work/ venture are you into in? I am a full stack developer, I am interested in doing new poc if you wish to join hands , can reach me out at avishek.avch@gmail.com

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    What sort of thing are you looking to build/work on?

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      Data related things but generally I am open to other things

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        Interesting - do you have some kind of profile, Twitter handle etc?

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          Can you share me your email ?

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