I am launching 3 startups in the next 6 months.


I am Arafat Hossain. I am a Full Stack Web Developer. I have already built many saas products for my clients. But now I decided to launch my own startup.

I've decided to launch my 3 startups in next 6 months. It's so challenging for me. I want to change my habits and force myself to finish what I start. For the next 6 months, I'm launching on startup every 2 months.


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    May I ask... why "3"? Do they relate to each other in any way.

    Building a software company is different from marketing one. I would recommend just sticking with one and nailing down the marketing process and market research.

    In either case, love to see the enthusiasm!

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      Thanks for your suggestions. I already have a software development company and it's AMCoders. But now I want to start my saas startup with a challenge.

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    Good luck @arafathossain!

    If you want to launch those products sooner, to see how many people are interested, reach out to me. I'm building something that'll allow you to start validating your product idea (and if people will pay) in less than an hour. I have a few more closed beta slots, and would love to setup a 15 minute chat! carefreeai@protonmail.com

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      Thank You Ryan for your great offer. I will consider your offer and let you know.

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    all the best ! have you finalized what products you will be building or that is not decided yet.

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      Thank you pdyc. I have 3 saas ideas and I will share my full journey here.

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    Good luck! It sounds like a lot of work, are you working on them full time?

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      I know it's a lot of work. As a full-stack developer, it's not easy for me but I know I can do it. No, I am working part-time for this but my most of time is spent on this.

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    Good luck with this Arafat!
    Do you have the ideas in place or still brainstorming?

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      Yes, I have 3 saas idea and I already started work for my first saas startup. I will share my full journey here.

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    Good luck! What is the reason for 3 SaaS's? Just curious.

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      I am working as a full-stack developer for many years. Now, I am bored with my work and I want to do something different. So, I decided to take a challenge for myself.

      So, I decided to launch 3 saas startups.

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        Awesome, I wish you the best of luck!

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          Thank You Phillip Stemann.

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    Good luck! What type of startup will it be? Any SaaS or something else?

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      Thank You Tomas. I decided to launch 3 saas startups.

      I will share my full journey here.

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