I finally got my first paying subscription customer 🚀

MonitUp.com got its first subscription model payout after much effort.

It's great to finally see a little movement on my Stripe account.

Why is this first payment important?

The lifetime campaign in AppSumo ended a few months ago and we focused on the subscription model.

We have reduced the trial version from 15 days to 7 days and made it mandatory to register the credit card to start the 7 day trial.

In addition, we have provided instructions for starting a trial version and registering the credit card within the website.

After our first payment, we realize that this method works.

Now we need to increase the sales rate by attracting more visitors to MonitUp.com. On average, there are around 20-30 visitors a day, which is very few.

What would you recommend to increase visitors?

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    This is so f***ed up. I will never work with employer who constantly monitoring what I'm using in my computer. Why people don't understand this? Employee have to honest about their work and bill accordingly and the solution provided is not good.

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      I 100% agree!
      I would never use something like this to spy on my team.
      Either you trust them or not.

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      Hey Raja,

      Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

      Applications like this should not be thought of as just employee monitoring.

      There are many negativities such as economic problems, Quiet Quitting. We hear about mass layoffs a lot, no one wants to lose their job, right? Therefore, companies have to be efficient.

      In fact, you will learn about many important topics.

      For example;

      Is there a problem with the system and end users?

      Do you have an employee who needs training?

      Do you have employees with low productivity or job satisfaction? Inefficient workers cause a total annual loss of $450M to $550M in the United States.

      To what extent do employees use your technology investments? A total of $34M per year is invested in unused software in the US and UK.

      Do your employees store or use your sensitive data, such as customer data, at a different location?

      Do your office workers use unnecessary apps like Netflix, Twitch, and YouTube that use a lot of bandwidth?

      How do you think firms can increase their productivity? What to check or how can you identify inefficient workers? How can you increase their productivity?

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        This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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    Really coll, can you told please, how connect Database in your project?

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    Congratulations! this is really exciting.

    After we got our first paying user on AdventurePlane, the challenge then was growing an audience. Basically, how do we find more people like this. We've had a few more sign ups but still are struggling to figure out the marketing side of things.

    That's been our biggest challenge as of lately and I hope you don't experience the same thing :D

    again, great work!

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      Hey Brandon, thank you.

      I hope you can sell a lot more soon :)

      My whole startup life is spent solving problems, I'm sure we'll find a way to sell and market better :) we have to find it anyway, we have no choice.

      I think marketing on the B2B side is more difficult. You need to meet with people, you need to call, you need to send an e-mail. B2B teamwork.

      I think B2C is easier and you can manage it solo founder.

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    Congrats! May I ask what tool you use to generate those graphs?

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      Thanks, this is the Dashboard screen of the Stripe account. It's not a custom graphic.

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        Aha I see... I'm just curious in general what kind of tools/libraries/services and such that people use to generate nice graphs to visualise their KPIs.

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    That first sale is always the most exciting and memorable one.

    Very Best!

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      Thanks Michaelson,

      I hope the graphics will go up much faster from now on :)

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    Even though I would never use your software, I still think that in your journey its an awesome accomplishment.

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    Great job! it all starts with 1!

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      Thanks, I hope the graphics go up fast :)

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    Congratulations my friend!
    You did a good job, everything starts with the first customer after it's easy to grow your business, otherwise I can share a tool that can help you boost your online business. free, ad-free, use it any times without any restriction ==> 1tools .co
    This website contains +200 free online tools
    Good luck bro ;)

    1. 1

      Hey Yassine,

      Thanks my friend:)

      Congratulations on your 1tools .co product, it looks great.

      I've looked at the product a bit and it has a lot of features. What feature would you recommend I use for MonitUp.com? What features would you recommend I review so that I can gain more users?

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    Congratulations my friend! ⭐
    I think that sharing it on the relevant channels in places like Reddit will provide traffic to the site.

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      thank you my friend :)

      When I publish a post on Reddit it is usually blocked. I'm trying to learn reddit.

      1. 1

        Some things may be prohibited in the subreddit you share, every subreddits has a place where the rules are written, if you read it, you can see what is allowed.

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          Thank you, I will pay attention to that.

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    Congrats!! keep going!!

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    Congrats man! It's truly a fantastic feeling. 🙌

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    Try also with some content marketing, mainly how to and solution benefits contents for your first niche of customers. In our case it worked. We did 3x, in terms of organic visitors, in a couple of months. I suggest to start from here:

    SEO Avalanche reference:

    KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) reference:

    1. 1

      Hey Michele,

      Thanks, I will try that.

      1. 1

        Please keep me posted about it!
        I like your project ;-)

        1. 2

          Of course, Thanks Michele :)

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    I think a great way to get more visitors would be posting on some subreddits or other startup listing sites. There was a nice list compiled here: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/most-effective-websites-to-post-your-startup-551c0c8b0d

    Good luck!

    1. 2

      Ohhh Thanks Richard,

      I was looking for this post today :) I've registered for some of them, and I want to register for the rest.

      Thank you for your suggestion.

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    Congrats on the first sub!

    Validation now lays in how long they stay for. I'd recommend contacting them and asking them why they chose to use your product.

    This will give you a good steer in what they like and dislike. Therefore, possibly giving you direction in where to take your product. :)

    1. 1

      I agree! Whatever your product is for and what stage it's on, customer discovery is essential. I'd also recommend being aware of potential risks and opportunities (especially when, for this case, workplace environment is increasingly valued). For this, you can also try running continuous product discovery sessions and adjust your strategy accordingly
      Congrats by the way!

    2. 1

      Thank you :)

      Yes, we have a little further to go for idea validation.

      However, it is very difficult to get answers from customer :( I send mail, but they usually do not respond.

      Do you have a suggestion for this?

      1. 1

        Try to capture the phone number for the next one, a conversation is always easier.

        (However, scary to start the call)

        1. 2

          Thanks, I'll try that :)

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