I quit my job, not to pursue wealth, but to participate in creating the future.

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    a good article! although be wary about your 'problems' you are trying to solve. make sure they are actual problems, and not just great solutions that you are trying to push on a problem that nobody is suffering from. i say this as someone who has made this mistake in a previous startup, and is now a web developer using JS. i'm sure your solutions are amazing, but if nobody cares or is willing to adopt it, it's going to be tough. much luck <3

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    Welcome to the tribe.

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    Great & useful content. Thanks for sharing, It's the same way, I left my job to create my first 1tools .co (100% Free Online tools for Everyday Needs) platform which took me almost 10 months of development since I'm a senior developer
    Good luck ;)

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    The world will be a better place when people realize that money is just a tool, not an end. 💯

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    We need more people like you. It seems like everyone's goal these days is to make as much money as possible just for the point of making money. You make an excellent point that we should define what we want to do with that money otherwise what is the point in pursuing it? Great read!

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    Hey, thanks for posting this :)

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    It's funny that the further we move into the future the more importance we put on nonsense. People are so focused on chasing "the bag" meaning money, that they have lost site of what happiness is. Money is only a measuring stick of the impact, good or bad that we had on the world before we move on.

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    A very refreshing view. While the debate of money vs passion is nothing new, I feel you're one of the genuine people who say they are building for honorable reasons. It's one thing to say we're building for passion not money and another thing to actually believe it and do it. Well done you for wanting to make the future brighter!

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