I'm a developer looking for another technical co-founder

Hi All,
I'm a SWE with 12 YOE (did BE, FED and also mobile at this point) and recently took a sabbatical in order to work on SaaS products with hopes of making something profitable enough to become my next work place :)

I'm looking into building b2b SaaS (no idea yet for what exactly) in the spaces of dev tools, MarTech or FinTech.
In order to figure out if we can work well together we can start by working on something small (open source project will be great) while we ideate on any actual problem to solve.

If you're interested please leave a comment with some details about yourself and how I can reach out.
Please do not comment if you're a dev agency or looking for paid work.

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    Please reach out if you are interested in teaming up. nlakshm97@gmail.com.


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    I'm interested to explore this opportunity.
    Please mail me @ vithz@yahoo.com

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    Hey! As you mentioned you're interested in Fintech let me share what I am working on


    It's a Q&A platform / Service provider directory that provides high-quality leads for financial service products and services. The current 'app' is an MVP built in Carrd

    I am looking for a tech cofounder who can help me turn my last project - Coteacher.com a NextJS collaboration platform for teachers into WealthVillage.

    Here's a video so you can see the current Coteacher platform: https://youtu.be/P8Lnxemfy84

    Let me know if you'd like to discuss partnering.

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      Hi man! can you leave an email address so I can contact you?
      Also what's the stack you used to build the initial product?

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        The stack is

        PostgreSQL with Sequalize

        You can reach me at Daniel AT Coteacher.com

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    I'd love to work on something. I recently went back to work full time but can work on the side on a new project. I have development skills but work full time as a product manager. Prior to rejoining the job market, I was working on a small business called go-upc. Would love to connect. shoot me an email at adam.d.freund[at]gmail[.]com

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    Hey, is this still an open invitation? I've been doing BE/FE development for the last 20+ years, mostly JavaScript for the last 10 or so years. You can reach me at catalin.ciocov at gmail.

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    Hi, Full-stack dev here with some B2B experience as well as a background in research (Worked for the Applied Research Lab at PSU). I have been aching to find someone who wants to start something, and think I would be a good fit.
    Shoot me an email: brown.maher42[at]gmail[.]com

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    Hi, SWE here. I did bachelor degree in CS. I have about the same amount, a little more, YOE. I have, mostly worked a consulting software engineer for my company, for about, the last 15 years. I have worked mostly in telecom banking, insurance, telecom, industries and for 2 startups. One of which I funded and spearhead.

    I actually have recently begun doing preliminary research on a couple of ideas. At any given time, I have a list of at least 4 ideas. I always do preliminary research in stages, then I rank then based on the data I can gather. There is no particular order to the ranking. It all depends on what data I can gather at any given time.

    I am also in sabbatical at the moment, since January 2021. During that time, I did research for a book I am writing. It about the evolution of work and how it is transformed by technology. It is based on my observations while working in these big institutions. Particularly, how they responded to change, past, during, the pandemic. And I spent quite a bit of time on coursera.org and some on google's certifications prep (GCP and big data and some of their APIs, ML, etc...). Feel free to ask me any question.

    some of my public repo: https://bitbucket.org/transmeta01/

    p.s. do you have a public repo(s) somewhere?

    Get in touch if interested. Let's start the conversation/collaboration

    Greetings from Montreal, Canada

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    Hey, I'd be interested in exploring this a bit and having a chat. I'm a self-taught SWE working as a backend engineer with a educational and professional background in Finance. I don't have professional experience with mobile or FED but I've built several medium sized web applications from scratch for my portfolio to get into the industry in the first place (think full functional AirBnB or Slack style webapp from scratch). Pretty comfortable with learning new tech stacks and skills quickly.

    Ideally looking to start off with part-time moonlighting until we have an idea that has minor traction or looks too compelling to not build/launch. Mostly interested in FinTech/MarTech out of your listed focus areas, and I think I'd be pretty impactful on both the biz dev and engineering side of things.

    If you're interested in chatting about this further let me know or hit me up on twitter @ TheAlexDTO

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      Hi man! can you leave an email address so I can contact you?

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        This comment was deleted 6 days ago.

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    Hello petrovn
    ZACK here I am the CEO of https://criov.com/ development agency , we can help you out for equity . Our developers has been powerful iOS and Android applications Design solutions since 2019
    We helped out many startups since our launching we will be glad to partner up with you as well

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    partnering with a non tech person will be better idea as even if you build something great you need to be extremely lucky for people to find it out without help.
    Someone that knows well the industry you targeting

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      Not my first rodeo so I'm familiar with marketing and user acquisition, But thanks for the advice.

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    Open to partnering with a more non-technical individual as you ideate? I've partnered with developers before and it works really well as you have ownership of the code base and I would serve more customer / product research, roadmapping, business partnerships, etc.

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      Hi! not ATM, I'm looking for someone to run with on a couple of different things and splitting the work with someone is what I'm looking for to begin with.

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