I'm building in mental health, need help on no-code development

SoulUp (www.soulup.in) is solving mental wellness through Peer Conversations. We are building a large global network of users so that anyone coming in with a specific emotional challenge can connect with others who have gone through something similar (a Peer).

Our current platform is on Wix and we're unhappy with the performance.
We are looking to revamp the platform but aren't able to figure what will be the right no-code platform for us - wordpress, webflow, bubble or something else?

If there is a Shopify equivalent of services, with calendar integration, that suits our need best.

I'm looking for either of the three:

  • No code expert who can consult us on choosing the right platform and we're willing to pay for the consulting
  • No code expert who likes what we're building at SoulUp and wants to build/revamp as freelancer
  • A full stack developer who wants to build this and we can discuss terms.
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    My 2 cents: if you are not happy with performance of Wix, and are building something that needs to scale maybe the other no-code solutions will not fit your needs either.
    Developing it with classic full stack can be expensive and has its risks.
    How about using a hybrid approach:

    • get a very performant graphql backed with close to 0 effort - no-code/ low code backend
    • hand code just the frontend, but even there buy as much code as you can e.g. a theme the calendar plugin.

    Solutions for no-code/ low code backend:

    • Hasura.io gets you a CRUD graphql with subscriptions
    • amplication.com generates a node app CRUD graphql that is simple extendable also an admin interface with react-admin
    • I'm building generatedcode.io generates a node app with CRUD graphql and and admin interface, custom as it would be coded manually with react hooks, Formik, react-query, no react-admin or any other generic solution.
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    I'm sure Connor Finlayson can consult you on that: https://www.connorfinlayson.com/
    Personally, I'd go with Webflow, Memberstack & Airtable.

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    None of the three but I have a connection who has built something very similar and trialled it in a few big organisations. Happy to connect you two if interested.

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    Namaste good platform and looks like driven with good intentions
    I am full time nocode designer but I won't be able to help more than -- giving you free one year webflow CMS plan

    I am busy with my own side projects :) and full time job
    Hope you best -- Let me know if you need any help

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    Can help you in giving consultancy or creating an awesome website (maybe webapp) on a no-code platform according to your need.

    Who am I? (www.twitter.com/mtaimoorhas), 4x side-projects sold, a lot created.

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