I'm losing 700 dollars with my startup studio so far: what's my next goal?

Hello everyone,
this post is dedicated to my Micro Startup Studio I've launched a few months ago. The goal is to have a good number of SaaS (co-founded), grow them, and sell them at the end

The Omega Studio:

So far, I'm active on 3 SaaS + 1 in stealth coming in Feb:

🕴️‍♂️🕴️‍♀️https://twitter.com/nocodegigshq -> micro-gigs focused on no-code tools only!

✍️https://twitter.com/the_ai_alfred -> summarize web articles using AI!

💎http://elegantgoodies.gumroad.com -> Elegant and ready-made templates!

So far, I'm losing 700 dollars (cumulative) on all the projects I'm in.

That's due to acquisition costs in Jan (the third product), and all the development costs we've used for AI Alfred.

My next goal? Having a break-even point in 3 months by:

Option A: sell 1 product + have good numbers on 1 product (MRR - Hopefully AI Alfred)

Option B: MRR > Costs (that's not so difficult)

Option C: Aggregate another personal revenue channel into the group

What would you do if you'll have 3 products running in parallel?

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    I would suggest focus on one (could be AI Alfred). You have more chance of increasing revenue by giving it your full focus and doing constant iterations, as compared to running multiple things in parallel.

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    Hello, In my opinion, the best option for you would be to focus on achieving a break-even point within the next 3 months.
    This can be done by focusing on increasing revenue for one of your existing products, such as AI Alfred, or by adding another personal revenue channel to the group.
    It's important to keep in mind that running multiple projects at once can be challenging, so it's crucial to prioritize and focus on the ones that have the highest potential for success. Additionally, it may be beneficial to assess the acquisition and development costs for each project and determine if they are justified by the potential return on investment. Ultimately, it's important to have a clear plan and strategy for achieving financial stability for your startup.
    I hope this comment helps!

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      This looks like chatGPT generated answer 🤔

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      Yeah, totally agree with you

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    Why not focus on one at a time?

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      mitigation of the risk, that's it

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        Lets say you have

        • 10% chance of succeeding if you do 1 at a time
        • 1% for each if you do 3

        You have added a lot of extra risk.

        Magic happens when you can focus on 1 thing and let the subconscious think about it when you're away from the keyboard.

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        I like Vasallo's portfolio of small bets idea. I would just make sure every project I work on is in the green before adding another. Focus is probably your biggest competitive advantage so I would encourage you to explore the possibility of focusing on one for now.

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          Vasallo is methodical in his approach, ensuring that each project reaches profitability or shows clear signs of not being viable before moving on to the next.

          He works efficiently and quickly, but he doesn't take on too many projects at once.

          Taking on multiple projects simultaneously can lead to burnout and ultimately, failure.

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          thank you for this tip!

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        I'd recommend focusing on one at a time, It's much better.
        Here's someone who can explain it better than me why: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/gqetI77G2-Q

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