Indie Hackers' Hall of Fame

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    Oh, wow! This is awesome!

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    As part of my week of writing, I've done an analysis of the most popular content and authors on IH. Here are the main findings:

    • People LOVE success stories, it's the most upvoted and commented topic on the Indie Hackers' Hall of Fame.
    • Genuine community interactions are very strong. The Question, mutual sharing, and mutual help topic is the second most active on the Hall of Fame.
    • Leadership involvement is vital for the community to thrive. 3 of the top 5 contributors have or had founder or moderator status.
    • The funniest post is I'm Nobody. AMA. 😎

    The post has some nerd candy for people who like charts. If you'd like to play with the raw data, you can find it here: https://airtable.com/shrnVRE4Ty062qkr4

    Feedback appreciated!

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    Nice breakdown!

    It's crazy to see that you can be in the top authors with only 7 posts!

    People here are mostly lurkers I guess 😅

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      So true! I've been a pro lurker for 5 years now 😄

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