Introduce yourself!

What's up everyone?

I'm Elliott. I'm an elementary teacher by trade who went from being a no-tech person to getting plugged into the IH podcast, and then building www.ricatest.com in 48 hours, which made it's first sale hours after I hit the publish button. Now, I'm totally obsessed.

Happy to be here; thanks to @JohnatProxii for the invite code, @csallen for the platform and am looking forward to sharing and connecting with others.


What are you most interested in right now?
  1. coding
  2. no-code movement
  3. crypto
  4. other?
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    My name is Casper.

    I work as an azure devops engineer for a software company in Denmark.

    I have yet to find the exact idea that I can work on in my freetime and establish a bootstrapped software business. Though I have many promising ideas but they are dependant on other factors than my dedication.

    How did you find your purpose full idea?

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      Hi Casper, thanks for your reply. Sounds like you’ve got the skills to make something cool.

      I built ricatest.com because I realized these factors:

      • I was spending a TON of time studying for the test, and I was really freaked out that I might not pass it
      • I noticed that there was competition, but not a lot
      • I realized that ricatest.com was available, which would help with SEO

      I solved a boring yet important problem of my own.

      Hope that helped.

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        Hi Elliott.

        Thanks I believe I have yes, so I hope I get a brilliant idea soon that is actually feasible to accomplish.

        That is a good strategy for developing a product that is market fit. I have yet to find a problem in my life that has enough potential to save me time that I can develop.

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    Welcome! For interesting, I’d say AI. Just like software ate the world, AI will eat software.

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      Thanks, and good looks including AI!

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    Hi all! My name is Bobby and I am:

    🥷 Co-Founder at https://devdojo.com
    🥑 Developer Advocate at https://materialize.com
    🙌 Community Manager at https://digitalocean.com
    ✍️ My blog: https://blog.bobby.sh
    🎥 My YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQWmdHTeAO0UvaNqve9udRw

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      Hey Bobby, the sites you linked look great.

      What did you build https://devdojo.com/ on?

      1. 1

        Thank you!

        It’s all custom built using the TALL stack which is TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, Laravel and Livewire

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    Hi Elliott, welcome to IH! CONGRATS for Ricatest. Keep it up.

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    Hi @elliottzelinskas and welcome! Really cool story!

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    Welcome Elliott! Cool story, thanks for sharing. Glad you're a part of the community now!

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